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January 2004

take back america, dammit

January 20, 2004   

I’m kind of bummed that Dean only came in 3rd in the Iowa caucuses, but am still very optimistic. He has greatly favorable numbers nationally, so I am hoping New Hampshire is going to bring him his first primary win.

atkins — can i last?

January 20, 2004   

I started Atkins officially on 1/7 and was doing ok, until this past weekend. We had a mystery/treasure hunt and had a bunch of people over. It seemed rude of me to try to cook up my own food while a bunch of guests (who probably did not feel like they had open access to the kitchen) were chipping in for pizza and Chinese food, so I just dug in with the rest of them. This does not at all explain my pigging out on chips, nachos, and chocolate candies. 😀 Oh well. Today is a whole new day and the beginning of a whole new era. Or so I claim.

juggling family stuff

January 12, 2004   

Hmm. I am quite worried about what to do with my family. Issues such as where they should live, how much we need, how we should deal with the dad situation, how I should refinance, when I can move on to a new job, etc., are driving me up the wall.

i am a work genius. love me.

January 8, 2004   

I solved a problem at work that we had been having since before Christmas break. Thank goodness.


January 7, 2004   

Seppo and I got engaged on New Year’s Day. Hee. It makes me giddy.

upgrades are fun

January 6, 2004   

Hmm, will have to revamp website to make it work with the new blogger template. I wonder how I can import all my old blogging. It looks like my first “blog”-like entry appeared on the first week of December 1996, before blogging became what it is today. Ah, the old days.

first post

January 6, 2004   

Hi. Testing blogger.