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February 2004


February 26, 2004   

my dog is napping

pressed against my side in sleep

dreams of chasing birds

dog is the people killer

February 26, 2004   

Man… This dog is just killing me. I have not been this exhausted in a long time. Not only that, but I think his behavior is getting worse. This morning, he was really aggressive and fake-bit me three times. I definitely think that he is becoming more and more aggressive compared to when we first met him. In many ways, he’s learning — he’s becoming quite good with sit and crate, he jumps less when we open doors, he doesn’t pull as much on the leash, he’s learning to get past his food aggression — but somewhere along the line, he must be learning some aggession from us; I am just not sure where. We must get to a obedience center, stat. Sigh. I am so tired.

curled up

February 24, 2004   

Here is another pic.

He’s been napping again. This morning, Seppo took him over to meet Raki, the next door dog. He must have exhausted himself playing with her. 🙂 I have to wake him up and keep him alert so that he’s not so well-rested from the naps in the evening.

the face of the dog

February 24, 2004   

This is Mobius. 😀

le chien, he will play

February 23, 2004   

So, we got a dog this past Saturday (Feb 21, 2004). He’s around 1 yr old, and is at least part Siberian Husky and part American Eskimo Dog. He went by Chad at his foster home, but we are calling him Mobius and hoping that it will take, as well not not confuse him or cause any anxiety.

He’s roughly 40 lbs, and, according to the foster mom, not likely to grow much bigger, which is important for a house of our size and for our energy level. He’s really sweet-tempered and very well-socialized, so he’s not scared or wary of strangers. In fact, he loves everyone, which is why Huskies are not recommended as guard dogs. Heh.

His fur is white and cream, and he has brown eyes. He’s learning “sit”, with the aid of a “Gentle Leader” training collar and Milk Bones. After just the weekend, he’s already responding very well to that command. Today, we played a lot in the backyard during my lunh break, so he’s been napping most of the afternoon. I am a bit worried that he’ll be up most of the night, but I hope we’ll tire him out this evening again too. 🙂

worked out

February 18, 2004   

I worked from about 10:30am Sunday morning to 6am Monday morning. Then I worked from 11am Monday morning until 9am Tuesday morning. Today, which is Tuesday, I worked from 11:30am until 11:30pm.

That’s 19.5 hours Sun-Mon, then a 5 hour break, then 22 hours Mon-Tues, then a 2.5 hour break, then 12 hours. That’s 53.5 hours in ~2.5 days. Only 7.5 hours of break in 61 hours. Holy moly.

Maybe I’ll take Thursday and Friday off if no one notices. Stupid stacked deadlines. I hate my work.

the singing hobbit

February 15, 2004   

I am thinking about getting I, which is Kurt Nilsen’s cd. Kurt Nilsen was the winner of the Norwegian version of American Idol. He looks like a hip hobbit, and yet sounds incredibly like Bono of U2, at least on the one song I heard him perform.

the shopping saga continues

February 14, 2004   

Ok, so they don’t have the pretty cranberry-colored (only the gray-ish “oxford”) robe at amazon, so I’m looking at other options. This one is a contender, but it’s a bit pricier. I’ll ask the sis to look at this one and see if she likes it.

relax. don’t do it.

February 14, 2004   

Seppo got me a really wonderful St. Valentine’s Day present. He got me some sort of three hour facial/massage/nails package at the local salon/massage parlor. Woo!!! I am so excited! Yay! It’ll be soooooo very nice. One question: if a mini-facial takes 45 minutes, how long is a full facial? The mind boggles.

king me

February 14, 2004   

Wow. Our California King-sized bed arrived about two hours ago. It’s… giant. And firm. Yet soft. I love it. A lot. Sorry. Speaking in fragments. So wonderful.