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February 2004

shopping for da sista

February 13, 2004   

I am buying the Fleece Solid-Color Robe for my sister. I think she’ll be really excited. It seems to be warm, yet light-weight, but basically, it just has to keep her from flashing people when she goes from the bedroom to the bathroom when she’s at the hospital after giving birth. Haha.

a flood of good tidings

February 13, 2004   

Wow. Good things are happening. Seppo has two job offers, the electricity for the downstairs is finally all functional, we are getting our CA king bed delivered tomorrow, and I just faxed over some refi papers that will eventually lower my monthly payments by roughly $400. Woo! Let me hear that again. Woo!!


February 13, 2004   

So, I’m a giant Dean supporter. John Kerry is pretty distantly behind him, in my book, but still waaaaaay ahead of Bush. I’ll just put those out there to serve as a full disclosure.

Given that, I still don’t understand the hubbub over Kerry’s presence and speech at the anti-Vietnam war rally. He had actually gone and served in Vietnam, and it was only after returning that he spoke at the protest. He had done it all; served the country as they required him to, to presumably the best of his abilities, then came back and took part in another aspect of the American system, through peaceful protest.

So what’s the big deal? I mean, I have issues with how he dealt with the Iraq War, but not with this. Sheesh.