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February 23, 2004   

So, we got a dog this past Saturday (Feb 21, 2004). He’s around 1 yr old, and is at least part Siberian Husky and part American Eskimo Dog. He went by Chad at his foster home, but we are calling him Mobius and hoping that it will take, as well not not confuse him or cause any anxiety.

He’s roughly 40 lbs, and, according to the foster mom, not likely to grow much bigger, which is important for a house of our size and for our energy level. He’s really sweet-tempered and very well-socialized, so he’s not scared or wary of strangers. In fact, he loves everyone, which is why Huskies are not recommended as guard dogs. Heh.

His fur is white and cream, and he has brown eyes. He’s learning “sit”, with the aid of a “Gentle Leader” training collar and Milk Bones. After just the weekend, he’s already responding very well to that command. Today, we played a lot in the backyard during my lunh break, so he’s been napping most of the afternoon. I am a bit worried that he’ll be up most of the night, but I hope we’ll tire him out this evening again too. 🙂

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