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February 2004

shopping for da sista

February 13, 2004   

I am buying the Fleece Solid-Color Robe for my sister. I think she’ll be really excited. It seems to be warm, yet light-weight, but basically, it just has to keep her from flashing people when she goes from the bedroom to the bathroom when she’s at the hospital after giving birth. Haha.

a flood of good tidings

February 13, 2004   

Wow. Good things are happening. Seppo has two job offers, the electricity for the downstairs is finally all functional, we are getting our CA king bed delivered tomorrow, and I just faxed over some refi papers that will eventually lower my monthly payments by roughly $400. Woo! Let me hear that again. Woo!!


February 13, 2004   

So, I’m a giant Dean supporter. John Kerry is pretty distantly behind him, in my book, but still waaaaaay ahead of Bush. I’ll just put those out there to serve as a full disclosure.

Given that, I still don’t understand the hubbub over Kerry’s presence and speech at the anti-Vietnam war rally. He had actually gone and served in Vietnam, and it was only after returning that he spoke at the protest. He had done it all; served the country as they required him to, to presumably the best of his abilities, then came back and took part in another aspect of the American system, through peaceful protest.

So what’s the big deal? I mean, I have issues with how he dealt with the Iraq War, but not with this. Sheesh.


February 12, 2004 – Associates

I’m such a giant sell-out. Actually, that’s not true. As much as I hate cluttering my site with links, I think it’s really awesome to get a referral bonus for amazon.

queers unite! no, really.

February 12, 2004   

Lesbian couple wedded at SF City Hall / Women had been together for five decades

They are too cute. I’m really glad that this couple, that has been together for so long, can finally be recognized in the eyes of the law. Let’s leave them to live out the rest of their lives in happiness. They aren’t hurting anyone. I’d like to see dedication like that in more couples, gay or straight.

the name game

February 6, 2004   

Oh yeah, the other tradition is the whole name thing. I think that ideologically, I either want to keep my name or have both of us change it, but on a realistic level, I don’t think I’d mind it, because between the two of us, Seppo has the cooler name with more recent achievements tied to it, even though I have the older, more prestigious name. It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to. I do, however, have a serious problem with people just assuming it will be Mrs. H, simply because “that’s what people do”. It’s pretty obnoxious and sexist. Grrr.

les traditions can bite me

February 6, 2004   

Being engaged means thinking about a lot of “traditions” and whatnot that people expect us to cave into. It’s stuff that we ordinarily don’t have to think about, so it’s a little weird.

There is the whole diamond controversy. Some people think that we need to get a diamond, stat! One person has even said we are not really engaged until there is a ring. I will not reveal this person’s identity, so as not to incur anyone’s wrath. 😀 Seppo has been looking into manufactured diamonds. Some people think it’s just not the same thing. And you know what? It’s not. That’s the best thing. Now that I have spent just a little time thinking about it, I would be glad and proud to wear a ring with a manufactured diamond. It says many things that I like, such as:

  • We are practical!
  • We like new cool technology
  • We are not buying into DeBeers’ scam
  • We don’t need to feel any guilt over the history of the diamond, such as the conditions under which it was mined, the exploitation of third world countries, etc

Today, I read a really cool statement to the effect of, “A diamond was created a long time ago, but my SO and I only met a few years ago. But we hope to forge something permanent. What better way to express that than with a newly created diamond that we know is going to last forever, rather than a diamond with a long history behind it of shady things we don’t know?” Or something like that. I like it.

tv goops up my brain

February 5, 2004   

I am such a tv junkie.

The new seasons of Survivor and American Idol have begun. Subsequently, I have been tied to my tv and my fat recliner. This consumes 3-4 evenings of every week. I am pretty sure that Seppo is going to go nuts soon. Heh.

My friend got a new job! I am so happy for her. I had been worried that she was going to move back home if she didn’t find a new job soon. Woo hoo!