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March 2004

simple games for simpletons

March 29, 2004   

My dog is extremely fond of a very simplistic game. He brings over his toy to me and nudges it around until I pick up one side of it. Then we play tug-of-war. After a little while of this, I tell him to sit, which he does in conjunction with releasing his end of the toy. He stays sitting while I count to three, then yell, “Go!” at which point I throw the toy in the air and he leaps for it. After he catches it mid-air or on the ground, he brings it back to me to repeat the process. Heh.

shop til i lock and pop

March 18, 2004   

I am getting a bunch of stuff for my niece(s) for my sister. Sunglasses, boardshorts, an embroidered tee-shirt, stripey shirt, swimsuit (don’t even ask me about the two-piece nature of it — it just gets really hot in the summer in Korea), and floral tank, and for my sister, a diaper bag.

I know it’s a lot of stuff, but it’s easier for me to shop for stuff for my niece(s) than for my sis, since she’s at home pregnant. Plus, it’s fun! Tee hee.

update — but every blog entry is an update

March 16, 2004   

I’ve been waking up a good 1-2 hours earlier every morning, since we got Mobi, because I’m worried that he’ll be so full of urine that he’ll wizz all over the place or in his crate on the nights that we crate him. Yawn. It has the effect of really finishing me off mentally by about 4pm, much more than 1-2 hours earlier than when I wake up later. It’s strange, but I just have to slog through it.

In other news, the problem with a customer (let’s call them SP) has been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Yay. And my proposal was finally accepted, in its entirety. I don’t know why it took one whole week to accept it, when everyone agreed last week that it was the right solution. It’s probably because I’m a genius.

My mom and little brother are going to Korea from near the beginning of May to the beginning of August. I have to try to coordinate my trip to see them as well. I am so excited for my new niece or nephew (most likely niece) to arrive.

who are you and where have you been

March 12, 2004   

A couple of days ago, I sent out an email to people from my high school to join our graduating class mailing list, as they are planning the 10th reunion already. I heard back from 3 people, two of whom I had been out of touch with for betweeen 3-5 years. It was really nice hearing back, especially one of the people and I were pretty close back in the day. It really made my day.

comment thingy

March 11, 2004   

I just added a commenting thingy from blogkomm. It seems to be ok.

six years

March 11, 2004   

Went to a nice dinner at a place called Rivoli last night. Seppo picked it out for our six year anniversary. Wow, it’s been a long time. 🙂 It doesn’t feel that long, but the number is impressive. We finished dinner by making letters at each other for insults we didn’t want to say out loud at the restaurant. I was shocked that he flashed a “c” at my “dh”. Haha, that bastard. I love him so.


March 11, 2004   

Whoa. I just heard a slight scratching noise behind me, and I caught Mobi with his front paws around the bathroom doorknob, walking himself backwards to try to open the door. He actually got it partly open. That sneak!

a halt to gay marriages

March 11, 2004 – California’s top court blocks gay marriages – Mar 11, 2004

Oh fudge. “The California Supreme Court on Thursday ordered an immediate halt to gay marriages in San Francisco, delivering a victory to conservatives who have fought for a month to block the ceremonies.” Apparently, this isn’t a “stop”, so much as a “pause”, but it’s still pretty demoralizing. I hope they come to the right conclusion, as MA did.


March 11, 2004   

I feel like my life is dog-obsessed now. I mean, I have other interests. But this dog is pretty much taking over my life. Now that he’s figured out what things he’s not allowed to chew on and which he is, he’s a much better companion. He sleeps a lot, but I guess puppies will do that.

In other news, my sister is due in April with her second child. I am frankly ecstatic. We are hoping that things go well and that the baby is healthy. They are still debating names though.

the day the dog ran amok

March 1, 2004   

I left the house for all of 35 minutes, to come back to find that Mobi had peed all over the bedroom floor, and on the old papazan padding that served as his bed. The floor was easy enough to clean up, but the papazan is going to need to be chucked. This is the second time he’s peed on it, and it’s not easy to clean.

In addition, he had somehow gotten into the bathroom and tore into the trash to get at the toilet paper I had used to blot his vomit & spray-on rug cleaner with.