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May 2004


May 28, 2004   

i have shamefully mismanaged my “time off” between jobs. i should have been so completely through with CP, even down to the administrative details, such that I was done two fridays ago. instead, i worked until wednesday morning of last week, then spent thursday getting ready to fly out to a wedding (it was so beautiful and personal, i cannot even describe how intimate and right it felt), from which i returned on sunday night. i went in to the office on monday for my exit interview and ended up having lunch with a coworker. tuesday, i went in again to have lunch and clean out my desk, as well as transfer files that i wanted to keep from my desktop. wednesday, i went back to drop off my laptop and have yet another lunch with the same coworker, because i stupidly had not done so before, which i should really have. transferring all the files that i wanted to keep from the laptop took a good 5 hours. i stayed at “work” late, until about 9pm. i’m so dumb. yesterday was my first real day of rest, which went pretty well. but now, i have a head cold. heh. way to go on enjoying the last few days before the new job! i better get lots of rest and grocery shopping done over the weekend, so we’ll have something to eat.

logging out, blogging in

May 25, 2004   

i’m writing this from my desk at my “former” job (“former” because my last official day is next monday, but i am done with work), right before shutting down the computer. i’ll then ask the facilities people to help me take my things to my car, then i’ll log in from this place never again. tomorrow, i am coming back into the area to have lunch with my friend who still works here, as well as to drop off my cleaned-up laptop, but i’m surrendering all my items right now. my desk area has been cleared off. i rather wish i had a photo of it.

i won’t miss the company or the work at all, but i’ll miss my little desk.

a good idea…

May 20, 2004   

… is to not drink 4 cups of tea between 7:30 and 9:00pm with dinner. 4:30am, and I still can’t fall asleep.

more consumerism than you can shake a stick at

May 19, 2004   

stop shaking your stick, trying to prove me wrong. tsk tsk. seppo is listening to the streets’ “original priate material“, and it’s driving me insane because the main guy’s voice reminds me of some other singer, and i can’t remember. the more i hear their music, the closer i feel like i am to remembering who they sound like, but i’m really no more closer to it. oh well. i do have to say, i like their sound.

i’m finally placing my crockpot order with amazon, so i’m placing an order for seppo for that cd. and what the heck, i’ll get another cd for myself too: “the commitments: original motion picture soundtrack“. that andrew strong was incredible. i can’t believe he was sixteen years old in that movie. not only did he look like he was well into his thirties [heheh], but he sang like he had lived life, like each song was something he was ripping out if his heart to make you feel what he feels.

i am free as a bird

May 19, 2004   

i soar through the skies, feeling the wind blow past my cheeks, gently ruffling the ends of my hair. the air lifts me up, making me feel weightless, careless. my body is a feather, not a care in the world.

all these clichés are presented to you in order to express my happiness at having my last day at work. 🙂 monday, i go back to the office in order to have my exit interview. i will probably go back again after that to turn in my laptop and clear stuff off my old computer.

i’m feeling pretty dang good.

today, seppo’s parents, seppo, and i went to angelfish again. we went last saturday with them since seppo’s dad was in town, and we all liked it quite a bit. here is a review from epinions. i tried monkfish for the second time ever. the first time, in a different restaurant in the city (possible deep blue?), i had a teeny piece about the size of a pea and didn’t get a real feel for the taste. today, i had two giant pieces. it was incredibly creamy, without any sort of lingering unctuousness. and i find that i am a big fan of hamachi. this is quite a shocker for someone who, until moving to CA, hadn’t eaten fish (barring tuna) in a good ten years, due to some adolescent trauma involving one too many fishing trips. heh.

oh the sweet agony of irony

May 18, 2004   

it looks like today, the last of my work days with my old company, that i will be working a particularly long day. that seems about par for the course. hehe.

my last day

May 18, 2004   

exciting. today is my last day of work. i haven’t said that since august 1998. i have one major bug, one minor bug, and a mini-design doc to finish. i didn’t fall asleep last night until roughly 3:30am (thanks a lot, coffee!) but instead of sleeping in, i figure i should get an early start to my last day and just rock through it all.

here is a word of advice to myself: if you haven’t drunk coffee in a good long while, don’t drink a 16 oz cup of it in the afternoon. duh. i have learned a lesson.

in tv news, pbs started airing “colonial house” which was recorded last night. and i forgot to watch “Motown 45”, a special honoring the 45th anniversary of Hitsville. boo.

my inner old lady

May 17, 2004   

That is a link to a crockpot. If that doesn’t indicate that the inner old lady (IOL) is trying to claw her way out of my shell, I don’t know what does. But the researcher in me thinks it’s a good buy, esp with the limited time we’ll have for cooking now that I’ll be working in the South Bay. We’ll see.


May 11, 2004   

Looks like I lost some old-style comments in the upgrade process, as well as my links. I will be adding them back when I have time.


May 11, 2004   

Testing new blogger interface…