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June 13, 2004   

^ means two weeks in korean. i have finished two weeks at my new job, and guess what folks? i love it. i really really love it. the people are really nice, sharp, and willing to help. they have a generally positive outlook. there are a bunch of people of different levels of experience, and it’s a great mix, in my opinion. the work itself is interesting and it’s gratifying to see my changes reflected on my handheld. even the commute, which worried me a lot, is not so bad, especially given that i know that everyday, mobius either has raki (the next door neighbor dog) to play with or will be walked by seppo’s mom, so i don’t have to feel guilty about the hours we are adding to the time we are away from home. in addition, we are working out our cooking so that we have more homecooked meals.

life is pretty good.

i just finished reading the da vinci code. i give it a 3 out of 5. i give the research and general premise a 5 out 5, but the end-game and characterizations were very weak to the point of frustration (and some eye-rolling). The heavy-handed foreshadowing, coupled with very weak puzzles, is what finally brings it down to a 3 out of 5.

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