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August 2004

a new palmy experience

August 25, 2004   

Weird. I’m posting this from my Treo600. It auto-capitalizes.

Work is into the release stretch of the current project, so there is a final big push. The release date is September 7th. It’ll be interesting to see what our next project will be.

back in the USA

August 3, 2004   

i got back into the area yesterday around 1pm, got home just before 3pm. i checked email, called people to let them know i was back, and packaged up some of the presents.

mobi seemed surprised at seeing me, after an initially lukewarm reception. hee. seppo got back from work near 2am last night. poor guy. i gave him his presents and we went to sleep. i am so tired! i am going to bed early tonight. 🙂

i started reading my NIV study bible last night. i think i’m going to try to do a few chapters in the Old Testament and a few in the New Testament every night.

getting back to work was nice. i’m still amazed by how much i love my new job and how nice the people are. i’m so glad i don’t have to be the point person anymore.

last log from korea

August 1, 2004   

let’s see… my final food log from korea has to be in reverse so i can try to reconstruct my memory of what i’ve been stuffing my maw with.

today, sunday 8/1:

– spicy ramen (shin)

– squid w/ peanut crackers

– broiled 5-layer pork & kimchi & bokumbap

saturday, 7/31:

– bulgogi bake at costco after dentist

– spicy & non-spicy broiled duck on marble slab over a fire pit (we went up to some mountains)

– late night jjapaghetti ramen

hmm, can’t remember friday, 7/30 at all.

my sister was going to highlight my hair, but we were all tired and didn’t have much time, so we opted out. i took pics of my sis’s family so that we can make shirts for their christmas presents.

last night, we went to the drive in. we saw a farcicle (dang, how do you spell this word? it looks wrong no matter how i write it) comedy about buddhist monks versus gangsters, with hoopla hooping, lottery tickets, karaoke contests, and even a little bit of geniune sadness. i loved it! today, i saw a review for a movie called “barame fighter” (fighter of the wind) that looked really good. it was a period piece of the era of japanese occupation.