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July 2005

recap: philly

July 5, 2005   

I took some notes on the treo while in philly, so here they are ’cause, you know, you care so much. :p Like my recounting of my trip to Korea, it’s all (ok, mostly) about the food.

Sat 6/25

  • Ate hoagie from Sarcone’s after nap at Hajeong’s.
  • Drank Cream soda from Panera Bakery while killing time with Uyen and Charles between wedding and reception.
  • Ate Rita’s water ice while doing same.
  • Took an obscene pic while doing the same.

    Obscene statue

  • Ate ten (I think) course Chinese banquet for Chau’s reception, where I took lots of pics.

    Us three and some dudes

Sun 6/26

  • Had lunch at the Royal Tavern with Hajeong, Seppo, and Deanna. Delicious Brioche French Toast.
  • Went to some sort of culinary street fair where Paul Green’s School of Rock played.

    Paul Green's School of Rock

  • Took a nap.
  • Went to Morimoto with Seppo, Hajeong, and Steve.


    Reviews are on the foodblog: Seppo’s review and my review.

Mon 6/27

  • Lunch at Continental Mid-town with Ryejin, Jung, Mii Ae, Hajeong, and Seppo.

    Les femmes

    Had some good fusion food. Yeah, I know.

  • Took yet another nap! I love vacation.
  • Ate Korean food at a place called Porky and Porkie with H & S.
  • Went bowling in Jersey with Hajeong, Seppo, and Mii Ae. You know, those south jersey kids…

Tues 6/28

  • Ate bacon, pork roll, and eggs courtesy of Chef Hajeong.
  • Ate cheesesteaks and cheesefries at Pat’s.
  • Picked up some pastries from Isgro (Italian bakery). Crap! I just remembered that I didn’t get to eat my biscotti!
  • Burger king at airport for dinner.