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July 2005

da ladeez

July 20, 2005   

On a serious note: Check out the article titled A Place Where Women Rule to learn about the Kenyan village of Umoja, an all-women village that was built up by women who were raped and subsequently driven out of their homes. It is awesome and inspiring to hear about their successes in the midst of threats and harrassment. Apparently, they are making good trade with their cultural center and camping grounds. They provide shelter for women who run from unwanted marriages as well. [Via I Blame The Patriarchy.]

On a hysterical note: Ann Coulter has been caught plagarizing. I can only point and laugh. [Via Shakespeare’s Sister.]

On a really frivolous note: I was wondering what the new wave of women’s clothing trends is going to be. I feel like we’ve gone as far as we can with the ever-so-classic cleavage peep, which grew to include side- and under-boobage as well. Really, the only requirement seems to be hiding the nippleage. Please, no rehashing the Janet thing. As for the butt, we could (and do) go on and on (and some songs claim that it is the buttocks themselves that go for weeks) about how people feel about the bootay. I have seen more people’s bellies than I care to in my lifetime. Low-rise pants have gotten so low that I suspect that for some women, crotch-area grooming is a strict necessity. Either that, or leotards, but I guess that’s better than the alternative. I have two guesses for the next big thing, and one of them is based on the leotard thing.

  • Butt cleavages – Oh yeah, I can see it now: sweetheart “necklines” for backs of pants to appropriately showcase the rear, sparklies for the top of the crack area, butt makeup to deepen the cleavage.
  • Big, juicy calves – Yeah, I wish. I have a theory (or wistful wish) that one day, big calves will be as desireable as big boobies. Hee.

I hope at the very least that the next new trends are not just to be utterly ugly and hideously unflattering. Note who the designer is.

On a random note: I have a PSA for the women. If you are a man, turn your eyes. Ok, here I go. Try the DivaCup. You’ll be glad you did. Wow, that totally sounded like a commercial. Maybe I too am a plagarist.