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July 2005

backwards in time

July 25, 2005   

Seppo sent me a link to his old homepage on the way back machine, so I took a trip down memory lane.

Don’t hold me accountable for the stuff I wrote then. 😀

By the way, I updated a bunch of links on the right to reflect websites I actually look at. Yes, I am a copycat. Yes, I am always the last to the party. “Hey guys, where are you going? I just got here! Guys?!”

strike two

July 25, 2005   

What did I do this weekend? I can’t even remember. Friday night, we went over to Uyen and Charles’ house for a delicious dinner of lamb, breaded fried zucchini, and green beans, followed by a very blueberry ice cream. Yum. I just love lamb so much.

Saturday was a big blur. I exercised a little and helped Seppo do some gardening. He spent a lot more time than me working outside though, because I hadn’t realized he was working until later. We grabbed lunch with Steve and Joe at Ratto’s, then took Seppo’s mom for our monthly dinner at Angelfish. The suzuki is fantastic every time I have it, but it was particularly good this weekend. I think I read a little Harry Potter then watched Better Luck Tomorrow.

Sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I finished Harry Potter. We went to Merritt Bakery for brunch, sat around for a bit, then took Mobi to the beach. Oh right, before we went to the beach, we stopped by the Boathouse on Lake Merritt to check it out as a potential place for our reception. The place was… abandoned, complete with broken windows. Hence the title of this blog entry. Heh.

We took Mobi to a little mini beach near the Berkeley Marina. It was a sandy, sheltered area where we could keep a reasonable eye on him, so we let him off the leash. Then he ran away. Ok, just kidding. He didn’t run away.

We made a garlic rosemary lemon roasted chicken au jus for dinner, and invited Uyen and Charles to join Joe, Seppo, and me (Colin is out of town). We made endives for the first time ever. Seppo made a delicious plum “soup” from our new Gordon Ramsay cookbook In the Heat of the Kitchen for dessert.

Then we played Boggle.

Wow, this is the most boring entry ever.