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August 2005

insensible eating

August 20, 2005   

I had started eating sensibly, in reasonable portions, paying attention to the variety and quantity of food that I have been ingesting in the past couple of weeks. I have started to use the rowing machine little by little, trying to build up in small increments so I can’t tell myself I have no time to exercise.

Today was our company picnic at Paramount’s Great America. The company paid for parking, admission, and a “picnic” of indescribeably horrible food and ok drinks, so we only needed cash for snacks and games, so it was a great deal. In 4.5 hours, we rode 4 rides; ingested hot dogs, sodas, ice cream sandwiches, cotton candy, lemonade, and funnel cake topped with whipped cream; and walked until we were sore.

Man, I am such a huge baby. The rides we went on were mostly the non-super-popular-thus-non-super-dangerous-or-scary rides, but I was so scared and dizzy that I thought I was gonna puke. I used to go on ride after ride for full 10 hour days in high school, but clearly those days are behind me. We went on Invertigo, where I cried for my mommy and realized my life was about to come to a screaming end, then on Orbit, where both Seppo and I accused each other of rocking the seat then got nauseous enough to almost hurl, followed by Centrifuge, which caused me more pain that I expect to ever experience before childbirth by being crushed between Seppo and the outside wall of the seat (curse you, ride operator dude, for not warning me that the person on the outside will be crushed, like you warned that man with his tiny little daughter that were seated in the wrong configuration — never mind our mechanical engineering degrees), and finally the White Water Falls ride, where I thew all my efforts into protecting my phone, never mind getting a faceful of splash. Hee.

We followed this insanity with a trip to a Korean restaurant known for its banquet space. Seppo and I spoke to the manager, who let us take a peek at the party of 75 that was celebrating a birthday there. It was a pretty nice place. The prices are amazingly reasonable for the sheer quantity of food, but we were not sure about the quality, so we ordered some food to go. Yes, on top of all the food we had already ingested. Because we are masochists.

The verdict on the food is two thumbs up. Delicious food. The meat I had was a touch too sweet on its own (but fine with rice and sides), whereas Seppo’s shrimp was memorably good. Yum.

Then we went to Seppo’s work, where he worked and I ate a little dinner and read. After several hours at his work, we dropped off birthday presents for Uyen and Charles, then the four of us took a very quick trip out to grab some ice cream at a locally owned ice cream shop. I also bought a tiny piece of fudge. It was delicious.

That was the end of the most insensible day of eating in a very long time for me.

not enough time

August 20, 2005   

I don’t have time for this! I can’t watch another tv show. I want to live a real life with real people in it. Stupid Rock Star: INXS. I just saw my first episode tonight (TiVoed from earlier this week, which was apparently week 6) and man! I am blown away. The top four in my opinion are Jordis, Marty, MiG, and Ty. Personally, I think it should come down to Jordis and Marty, but what the hell do I know. INXS was and is still one of my favorite bands, but I have proven over and over again that I am fairly tone-deaf. I think Marty and MiG fit the group’s style the best.

I’m almost ready to buy the dvd of the season if it ever comes out. I’m thinking maybe torrent will be my friend for now. Sheesh.