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fumbling for answers

August 31, 2005   

Not as good as fumbling for other things *cough* but not so bad, over all.

Seppo suggested that since I love singing so much even though I suck (he didn’t say the suck part, which was kind of him), maybe I would get a kick out of singing lessons. I think I might have to think about it. It is certainly intriguing.

I’ve been wondering why I have been less motivated at work lately, and have wondered if I was burning out or putting myself on a project that I won’t enjoy, but after extensive talks with Seppo, I think it’s just that I’m a little stuck now and feeling the bump in the road. I think once I get myself past this one bump, I’ll be totally rocking the project.

It’s good to get a clearer light on your path from talking to your beloved. 🙂 He’s pretty damn wonderful.


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