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August 25, 2005   

I worked fairly late last night, and left for Seppo’s work at around 8:30pm. We stayed at his work until about 11:45. We were both exhausted on the drive home, and not looking forward to this morning when we’d have to leave for work around 45 min earlier than usual due to a morning meeting I had.

We got home, locked up the car as usual, and went in the house to take out the trash and recycling, as Thursday morning is when the trash & recycling pick up occurs. As we went through the rooms, we realized that we couldn’t find Mobi. He usually comes running to the gate when we come home late. When we come home early, he just sits on the couch and looks at us through sleepy eyes.

We figured he was in the backyard, so we took turns calling for him in the dark. After a bit of this and asking Colin if he’d seen Mobi that evening, we came to the awful conclusion that he had somehow escaped. Seppo checked for and found both of Mobi’s leashes at home, so he could not still be with Seppo’s mom. Despite the fact that it was already past 12:30am, Seppo called his mom to make sure that Mobi was not with her. Indeed he was not.

In full panic mode, Seppo and I roamed up and down the street separately. Seppo went to get a flashlight, and I continued on my way in the dark, softly calling and whistling for our dog. I looked at his favorite houses and called between the alleys. I went by the entrance of the dog run that is near our house. I jogged up and down the hill in fear that we would never see him again. Images of dogs that had been run over in the streets flew through my mind. I remembered the last time he went missing. I was filled with the same choking feeling.

Returning back toward the house with hopes that Mobi stayed in a small radius of his home, Seppo met me at the fence to tell me that Mobi was home! I was so happy! Seppo had gone to Joe’s room and woken him up to ask him if he had seen the dog, when they both heard a little sound from Joe’s closet. It was Mobi! Poor little guy.

He generally doesn’t whimper or bark when he’s behind a door. He just stands there, waiting, or just lays down and goes to sleep. This is what he does if you go in the bathroom to take a shower or something. He just lays outside until you come out. And I assume he just felt like hanging out in Joe’s closet, hanging out in the dark, when the door accidentally got shut. He probably just lay down and went to sleep. He certainly didn’t bark or scratch. He’s a funny little dog. I’m so glad he’s ok. That dumb mutt! 😀

August 25, 2005 at 7:46 pm

I have to admit, I thought that he was the re-emergance of the rats, only they had taken over my closet. I had tried several times to scare “them” off by rattling the door. Poor Moby must have thought that I was teasing him really badly. It dawned on me this morning that it may have looked like I’d locked him in there b/c in my stupor I went straight for the door. I don’t recall hearing him when Seppo came in, but in my mind I knew that there wern’t rats in my closet! Stoopid dog.

August 25, 2005 at 9:53 pm

Oh, I am so happy you found him. My heart was sinking ever so slowly, as I was reading in anticipation that you would find him! What a silly dog!

August 25, 2005 at 11:01 pm

Thank you! 🙂 I was so relieved and happy (and I admit it, it was pretty funny) that I just started bawling while smiling. :’)

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