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October 2005

ring! shiny*!

October 1, 2005   

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(Pay no attention to the skin color difference. That’s just the flash and ambient lighting. You know who I’m talking to. *cough*Edy*cough*)

I am walking around with my fist tightly closed because I am terrified of losing it. Seppo pretended to take the dog to the beach this morning and snuck into the city while I was still sleeping to pick up the ring. Hee. That little rascal. He is so sweet. We were at the store yesterday to pick it out. It’s really beautiful. It’s unique without being bizarre and beautiful without being conventional. Like Seppo himself. We also looked at wedding bands, but we took up all our time there deciding on the engagement ring, so I think we will just wait until another time to figure out the wedding rings. The twist in the ring actually helps it fit more comfortably on me, so maybe we can figure out something like that for Seppo’s wedding ring. He has trouble wearing rings because he has a lot of “webbing” between his fingers.

Seppo and my engagement was official the day he poured out his heart and proposed to me, and I burst into tears and accepted. We danced and cried and talked. That night is when we made the promise of commitment to each other. The ring doesn’t make it any more official. It is, however, a physical symbol of his love and promise and I accepted it as such with great happiness. It meant a lot to him to get it for me, and it means a lot to me. Now, please excuse me while I go squeal in the corner. 🙂

* Yes, “shiny” was also in reference to Serenity. 😀