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February 2006

"dna" report

February 23, 2006   

My Personal DNA Report


February 23, 2006   

For some reason, Seppo and I were discussing alternate careers in the car. I remembered that when I was younger, I was very interested in becoming a family therapist/counselor. I’m actually interested enough to give it serious second thought.

I’ve started posting on an Asian American hiphop message board. Hee hee. They thought I was a dude for a while. Oops.

American Idol, Guy’s night assessment and boot predictions.

The Great:

  • Chris Daughtry. Sang Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive”. What can I do when someone sings Bon Jovi and sings it well?
  • Ace Young. Sang George Michael’s “Father Figure”. So many middle-aged housewives are having inappropriate fantasies about him now.
  • Elliot Yamin. Sang Stevie Wonder’s “If You Really Love Me”. I can’t help thinking “meth mouth” everytime I see him, but he is undeniably great.

The Fun & Good:

  • Will Makar. Sang Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”. I love the song and he made one of the best song choices aside from the people above, hitting the correct demographic for him: fun, young, and a little sentimental. He’s not as good of a singer as the people above.
  • Gedeon McKinney. Sang “Shout!”, but I don’t know who sang it first/best/most famously. I love the song and it was fun, but he weirds me out when he talks and stares.

The Less Fun But Still Good:

  • Kevin Covais. Sang Brian McKinght’s “One Last Cry”. The performance was awkward looking, but his singing was pretty good.
  • Taylor Hicks. Sang Elton John’s “Levon”. I expected more from him. He wasn’t as great as before, but still very very good.
  • Patrick Hill. Sang Melissa Ethridge’s “Come To My Window”. He’s clearly a great singer but something about the performance sucked and bored me silly.

The Horrible/Uncomfortable (even if good):

  • David Radford. Sang what my guess is Michael Buble’s version of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. His “crooning” is so fake that I just can’t watch him. And I felt bad for all the legitimate criticism he got, so I want him to just go.
  • Bobby Bennett. Sang Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana”. He was better doing Louis Armstrong with his gravelly voice; this was just schmaltzy lounge-y crapola on a stick.
  • Jose Penala. Sang Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Reasons”. All the singing was done in falsetto, which I just hate, so I can’t be objective. Seppo says he was flat throughout.
  • Bucky Covington. Sang Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man”. I couldn’t understand anything he sang in his mush-mouth and overly-forced growls. He might have a good tone underneath, but I didn’t see it.

My guess is that Bobby and either David, Patrick, or Gedeon get it. I think Bobby & David should go, but Bobby & Gedeon will go because of lack of screen time.