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May 2006

Back to [Non]-Routine

May 16, 2006   

So we have been back from outer space for about three weeks now, and things are definitely starting to settle into a routine of sorts. Yet “routine” doesn’t seem to describe the changes in our lives well.

Seppo has been at home, cleaning, organizing, and cooking his butt off. And I have been reaping the benefits. Boy, have I. He’s been making me breakfast with a cup of cappucino every morning, packing me lunch, and making me dinner every night. And doing a bunch of insane work around the house too. I’m really getting spoiled. I had better not get used to this. 🙂

We joined a museum membership to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco since getting back, which lets us have unlimited access to the Legion of Honor and the de Young. We visited the de Young a couple of weekends ago. We’ve been trying to take our momentum from Europe and transfer it to our own area. 🙂

As a part of that effort, last weekend, we attended an early showing of Over the Hedge (which was hysterical, cute, and endearing in every way — I’d bet that it is going to be a big hit with young & old alike) with Holly (which she helped to make, so stay for the end credits!) at the Metreon then grabbed lunch and sat out at the adjacent Yerba Buena Gardens to take in a free outdoor program put on by The San Francisco Ballet School as a part of the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival. Wow, that was a lot of links.

Prison Break just aired its season finale, and it was nail-bitingly good. I constantly feel like I’m going to suffer a heartattack when I watch this show. American Idol will also have its season finale soon (I think next week), so less tv watching for me, which coincides well with longer days and great weather!

It looks like PB is now available for purchase via iTunes. And even better [!!!!] Firefly is too!!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, you have no excuse.

I am thinking that I want to go in to have a complete physical soon, so I know what things I need to focus on. I worry about the “invisible” things that I don’t know about like high blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance, random allergies, bone density, etc. Not to be paranoid, but you never know. Anyway, I am going to make an appointment sometime this month.

In other news, Colin is intent on destruction (of the good kind) and construction. Woo! I can’t wait!