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June 2007

Spring Fever?

June 4, 2007   

Seppo and I have been acting like crazy people. We’ve been reorganizing the downstairs and moving stuff around. It’s unbelievable how much larger the downstairs looks now. I keep wanting to randomly invite people over just so they can admire it, but we have some more tidying up to do.

Two Saturdays ago, I spent something like 9 contiguous hours with the IKEA kitchen designer, trying this and that and a dozen different layouts. I think we have a couple of options that we think are really functional and nice. It was reassuring to think that we have an estimate of the cost of kitchen renovation that is far, far, far below the supposed average of $300-400/sq. ft. that is common in the Bay Area.

We spent much of yesterday and the day before doing the backed up laundry and organizing random records and dog toys strewn about the house, into our new fire-safe, water-safe locked file and storage ottoman, respectively.

I’ve swept the downstairs about 20 times since we reorganized the area, feeding off some heretofore unknown OCD-like cleaning impulse, which, if you know me, you know was heretofore unknown. Probably also will be “henceforth unknown”. 😀

Aside from that, we haven’t been doing very much. We’ve seen a couple of friends here and there, mostly at their houses or our house, laying low while we get through this crazy frenzy.

We are pretty much acting like we did back in 2001 and 2002 when we first moved into the house: moving things around, organizing, imagining neat things we could do with the space. I hope this year brings some noticeable changes. 🙂