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New fitness blog

January 3, 2008   

Seppo and I started a new blog to track our fitness/health/weight loss goals: Get Fit, Nerds!.

It is pretty empty right now, but it’ll get filled up with our goals, observations, trials & tribulations soon. It feels weird to go so public with weight data, but there it is. I can’t achieve the goal without stating a hard goal, so I put it out there. My main goal is to decrese my body fat percentage from the overweight-to-obese range down to normal. I’ve been hiding a bunch of fat where most people can’t see it (behind my right elbow). Details at the blog.

Friends of the Seppo & Ei-Nyung Multinational MegaCorp (R), please be kind when I try to say no to seconds/cookies/dessert, should you have us over for dinner. 😉

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