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May 2008

Inside jokes

May 8, 2008   

Before I get to the whole “inside jokes” business, I need to wish three awesome friends happy birthday! HA was yesterday, CT is today, and HK is tomorrow! Crazy business, this getting old thing. I called my friend CT today and she told me that I needed to update my blog more often because she (and this is why she’s a total geek) reads my blog via her Treo while doing night feedings for her baby girl. LOL.

She’ll be going back to work on Monday, so I wish her luck and fortitude! 😀

Seppo and I, like many couples and friends who have been together for a long time, have some inside jokes. One that we refer to often started when we researched Paris before our honeymoon. According to several sources, it is a faux pas to order a cappuccino past breakfast hours. A cafe au lait is ok for before lunch, but a cappuccino is a strict no-no after early hours. Apparently, only babies drink such watered down, foamy stuff after breakfast. I don’t even know where I read this, or if it’s even true, or if I am remembering what I read correctly. Regardless, anytime Seppo or I want to accuse the other person of being a big baby, we say, “Oh, do you need a cappuccino?” followed by mocking baby-crying sounds.

Hmm. I thought I’d have more. I must. Until I remember, I beg you to amuse my friend-who-is-feeding-her-infant-at-night with your own inside jokes.