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July 2008

Random updates

July 29, 2008   

My little brother visited from 6/24 to 7/24. I miss him already! He was a good commuter companion, intern, and sous-chef.

Work is kicking my butt. But hopefully, things are getting to a good, stable point.

Little D is growing big! Very exciting to see his changes from week to week.

Seppo and I are going to visit Atlanta at the end of August, for my brother’s family celebration. My brother is meeting his in-laws for the first time and baby Ryan is turning 1, so they combined the events into a big to-do, with a catered venue and everything.

I want to go back to Tulum.

Oh, and I got a short haircut. And an iPhone for my b-day, from a couple of friends & Seppo. It is awesome! The haircut is just ok. They gave me a braid of hair to donate to Locks of Love, which I had better get on right away, before I forget.

I don’t think I have anything else to report.

New locations

July 29, 2008   

I hope you were able to find this blog. 😀 => => (“we nom nom” :D) =>

ATTN: Moving!

July 29, 2008   

This blog is moving to I’ll put notes there about where the food blog is going to end up.

I lied. It’s moving to

This blog is moving!!!

July 22, 2008   

We are relinquishing the domain for Seppo’s dad’s business, so we’ll be moving all our domains, including this one, the food one, and the rarely active inciteanovel one. This one may end up on or on blogspot. I am not sure yet. I will need to decide by tonight though!

I will post a note here before I actually move the domains.