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November 2008


November 5, 2008   

Note: I found this draft in my blogspot posts from the day after the elections, so I finished it up, finally.

I feel like Americans of our generation don’t have a lot of experience with positive history being made. What are the major historic milestones you can remember happening your lifetime?

I remember the Challenger explosion.
I remember hearing about the Iran-Contra Affair.
I remember the line “No New Taxes” and “A Thousand Points of Light”.
I remember the Berlin Wall coming down and the subsequent unification of Germany.
I remember the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
I remember Bill Clinton playing the sax on tv and I remember the song, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”.
I remember NAFTA coming into effect.
I remember Waco.
I remember the Oklahoma Bombing.
I remember the Unabomber.
I remember the media circus of the Clinton impeachment.
I remember the travesty of the 2000 stolen election.
I remember the horror and fear of 9/11.
I remember the outpouring of world sympathy and the sense of united & shared tragedy.
I remember the start of the war in Afghanistan.
I remember the start of the war in Iraq.
I remember seeing a picture of Saddam Hussein’s fallen statue.
I remember the tsunami and the world coming together to help.
I remember the incomprehensible horrors of Katrina and the aftermath and how the world opened up to us once more with compassion.

I will certainly remember the election night of the first black (and multiracial!) President as one of the most amazing historic moments in my life. This is the day that made me envision a whole new future for America.


November 4, 2008   


Hard to sleep

November 4, 2008   

It is 2am and I can’t fall asleep. It is election day. I hope we make history. I hope we vote for change by electing Obama to be president. i hope we vote for equality by voting against Prop 8.

I hope. I hope.

I hope that this coming day will be something beautiful, something I recount in my later years. I hope this day is the day that hope wins, that we take steps to leave behind fear-mongering and bigotry.

I hope.