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Eating monster

January 26, 2009   

I usually turn into an eating monster a couple of days before my period. I’ve turned into an eating monster again, but who knows if this is regular PMS hunger or real pregnancy hunger.

Also, today’s visit to the falafel shop overwhelmed me with the fried smell. Paranoid, overreacting, or sensitive to smells? Who knows. Usually, it’s a smell I’d love.

The weird thing is that I keep being like, “This might just be PMS symptoms,” but I’ve read a ton of stuff, and I know hCG isn’t just going to be floating in my system for no reason. I’m familiar with chemical reagents! I know what’s going on.

And my breasts have been sensitive for days. That never lasts for more than two days.

I guess it could be ectopic or have a genetic issue that would not be viable. But still. I’m totally pregnant, right?

In real life, I am not a nervous person. I think when the doctor confirms it, I will feel like I have permission to let go of the leash on my excitement a little. 🙂

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