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Reflections on time passing too quickly

June 10, 2009   

Yesterday, as I was sorting through a bunch of old things we had in our giant filing cabinet, I found a bunch of pictures of me with my little brother (now 15) from when he was an infant.

Just like any parent might tell you, I remember the day when those pics were taken like it was yesterday! I remember him being tiny and helpless and gurgling, just barely struggling to move his hands and his bobbly head around. I remember him laughing when I made funny faces. I remember his delight when he pushed something through a hole cut in a box for the first time! I remember him crawling and learning to walk.

And now, he’s 15. I remember when he first stopped running to me for hugs when I visited him at home w/ my parents! And when he wanted me to stop holding his teeny hand out in public.

Man, now that we are expecting a child of our own, I am so excited about going through all the small and big milestones with our son, but also pre-sad about when he doesn’t want to be cuddled anymore, when he’ll be too big to think Mommy and Daddy are the best in the world! :'(

The little bro is coming to visit for a month starting this Saturday. We’ll make him help move our furniture around (it was all shuffled in order to get our floors fixed, which is starting today!) and finish up the painting. Hehehehe. Here comes free labor! Maybe I can make him wash the car too.

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