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September 2009

A truly awesome side effect of pregnancy

September 4, 2009   

Lest you think that I only have gripes, let me tell you about something awesome.

I am nigh-invulnerable to getting carsick by reading in the car now. I mean, I’m not perfectly immune to it, but I only get slightly weird-feeling after a considerable length of time looking down at a map or directions or my iPhone *cough*WordAce*cough* whereas I used to get extremely nauseated within seconds of doing any of those things in the past.

And I mean all my life. Even if I wasn’t reading, if I had to sit in the back of a long vehicle (like a van, not a regular car) for a long time, I’d get sick. Same if I had to ride along on a long, twisty path, even if I sat right in the front passenger seat. I’d have to roll down the windows, close my eyes, and almost hang my head out the window (not really out the window, since it’s dangerous), panting and trying to keep from barfing.

But ever since about the middle of the pregnancy, possibly a little earlier, I’ve been able to do map navigation, check email, play games, or even do a few lines of reading while Seppo is driving us around.

It feels like a super power. 😀