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September 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

September 13, 2009   
  • Played #wordace, went to S&A to visit w T and have brunch, dropped by open house on corner of our block, and now fighting sleep. #
  • RT @precentral: Delving into the development of Word Ace #palmpre #
  • No one should die because they cannot afford healthcare. No one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please RT. #
  • @bcaudill 22 to 33 is kind of a big age gap for someone her age. I am surprised he is only 33, not to say he looks old or anything. πŸ˜€ in reply to bcaudill #
  • Last night was dinner & hanging out w @bcaudill & some guy I vaguely know w no Twitter acct. πŸ˜‰ 2nite is dinner w DUC Corp. πŸ™‚ #
  • @bcaudill Same here. I slept in until noon after staying up another hour. in reply to bcaudill #
  • RT @seanmadi: Word Ace Custom Deck – As I said yesterday, I started playing Word Ace on iPhone and itÒ€ℒs awesome. #
  • Word Ace Pro just came out! Get it if you want to buy chips or support the devs. πŸ™‚ Or play Word Ace for free. πŸ™‚ #
  • The person who went all in on @WordAce is the only one who lost. @Helava looks way too happy. #
  • @nbb1 You know it! I even bought a chip pack. πŸ™‚ in reply to NBB1 #
  • @JustPete74 Awesome return of the gamer/lamer/fanboi! in reply to JustPete74 #
  • @generalist Ooh, thanks for the heads up. in reply to generalist #
  • @edwinss19 I've built up an extensive list of friends from anytime I play with a good opponent and only play with them. #wordace in reply to edwinss19 #
  • At childbirth class. #
  • Omgwtfalienbabies!! #
  • Awesome! RT @WordAce: In its first 24 hours, Word Ace Pro has rocketed to #16 in Word Games and #25 in Card Games! THANK YOU! #
  • The baby is now 253 days in incubation. Shout out to my 253 girls! πŸ˜‰ #
  • Sooooooo excited about The Beatles: Rock Band! And jealous of @aaa for already having it. πŸ˜€ #
  • My dog is bad at spelling. #
  • Back from newborn care class. #
  • Loving Beatles Rock Band! @AngryChad You are definitely missing out. πŸ˜€ #
  • @marketman It's really freaking awesome. Everything about it, really. πŸ™‚ in reply to marketman #
  • USDA tries to speed new H1N1 flu vaccine for hogs #pandemics #newsrag #
  • @AngryChad Beatles is all you need. You must live in opposite land. in reply to AngryChad #
  • @bcaudill Very jealous! Mmm… looks tasty. in reply to bcaudill #
  • Apple Adds Video Camera To iPod Nano, Cuts Prices For iPod Touch #ipod #newsrag #
  • Deliberate Glitch Foils Arkham PC Pirates #batmanarkhamasylum #newsrag #
  • @StephDecker What a terrible situation. I occassionally have to work with someone like that — can't imagine having a boss like that. πŸ™ in reply to StephDecker #
  • @MJ Can't today but my last day before baby comes is Tuesday so we should make some arrangements! πŸ™‚ in reply to MJ #
  • RT @welovegaming: Casual Fridays: Word Ace: Texas Hold 'em for the Scrabble crowd. Today, we're playing Word Ace. #
  • Wow. It's raining now. Weird. #
  • @MJ LOL! in reply to MJ #
  • Walking around is pretty hard now. Baby's movements are getting painful. Getting a bit scared of that first contraction, whenever it happens #
  • Kinda freaked out that as of Tuesday, I will officially be unemployed on paper for the first time since I started working 11 years ago. #
  • @SwanL Nope, but we are fewer than 50 employees, so FMLA and CFRA don't cover me. Just found out CA PDLL might though. in reply to SwanL #
  • Back from the Kimchi Mamas Bay Area meetup! Thanks for arranging, @so_yun! Wanted to go karaoke w them, but too tired. #
  • Man, I just can't believe how awesome The Beatles: Rockband is. Played through 5 chapters of Story Mode w @helava tonight. He's so much fun! #
  • This unemployed versus taking leave thing is really stressing me out. It's the last thing I expected to be stressed about. Can't sleep. #

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