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December 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

December 27, 2009   
  • I'm at Koryo Ja Jang (4390 Telegraph Ave, btw 43rd & 44th, Oakland). #
  • RT @NBB1: RT @arrington: RT @TechCrunch: Yelp Walks Away From Google Deal, And Half A Billion Dollars #
  • Baby blew a raspberry for the first tine today! Hilarious. 🙂 #
  • Booked housecleaners for tomorrow. #
  • @bcaudill We like the cleaner who came in Oct. She also does our neighbor's house but unavailable so we are hiring someone else for tmw. in reply to bcaudill #
  • Hm. I really like Boyz II Men. Who knew?! #
  • Wonders what the umamiest dish you could reasonably make is. Last night's soup had mushrooms, seaweed, and soy sauce. Top with cheese? Haha. #
  • Dan Karaty from #sytycd on Launch My Line on Bravo. Hee! #
  • @helava But since my laptop is always freaking out, I'd be a good candidate for it. Bwahahaha. Maybe I'll even start saving now for it. in reply to helava #
  • As Christmas approaches, I get more and more paranoid @helava will figure out what I got for him, as he does EVERY year. #
  • The new Karate Kid remake will feature Jackie Chan as a Kung Fu master teaching Kung Fu. So… Kung Fu Kid? #
  • @Ryuhi @SwanL I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to Tae Kwon Do Tyke and MMA Mama. 😉 in reply to Ryuhi #
  • Yes, finally, @helava's gift has arrived so that I can start taunting him with opening it early. Hee. #
  • Just played the do re mi song for the kidmeister on the piano. Maybe I can figure out twinkle, twinkle, little star. #
  • @SwanL I accidentally pictured one of the Olsen twins tearing out cabinetry in your kitchen. in reply to SwanL #
  • Walking dog with baby for first time to get out of the way of the cleaners. Baby in sling, dog on leash, iPhone in hand. #
  • @SwanL Dramatic like Broadway? Or like Christopher Walken? Or Christopher Walken on Broadway? Because: yes! in reply to SwanL #
  • Verdict: the cleaners today were good but not as crazy-awesome as the last ones. #
  • I love Professor Layton on the DS. Thanks for the pre-Christmas present, @helava! #
  • @MJ I don't know what is wrong, but I hope a miracle comes through where you need it. in reply to MJ #
  • @aaa Now you are just letting them win! Secret Christmas gift to bro and dad? Heh. in reply to aaa #
  • @bcaudill d'oh! @helava figured outbid because the box that got delivered yesterday had name on side, which I hadn't seen. Wasn't wrapped! in reply to bcaudill #
  • @bcaudill Figured out his, I mean. in reply to bcaudill #
  • Looks like I'm only 4-6lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, which surprises me because nothing fits. Blub weighs less than muscle — too true. #
  • @aaa He read the name of the gift off the side of the box where I left it in plain sight, not noticing the label. 😐 Fail! in reply to aaa #
  • @AngryChad You can just do five cards down right away, two cards in hand, make the best scoring word in 30 sec or min. in reply to AngryChad #
  • @AngryChad Or fix the bid per round, so can only check or fold. Removes the fun of bluffing though. in reply to AngryChad #
  • @AngryChad Heh. Oh well. I hope you find some chips then! in reply to AngryChad #
  • Bad: @helava found out his Xmas present. Good: rib roast is cooking *sous vide* for tomorrow's dinner since cat is out of bag. Woo hoo! #
  • @hja You know, I think same must be true of me as well. I didn't even think of it. in reply to hja #
  • Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy day off! 🙂 #
  • I'm drinking foamed milk while breastfeeding. How weird. #
  • Christmas dinner of flash-browned sous vide rib roast, truffle mashed potatoes, broiled asparagus, and salad equals EPIC WIN for the palate! #
  • Got a Dutch oven, The Beatles complete set, and the latest Professor Layton from @helava for Christmas. Woo hoo! #
  • Not to be cheesy, but our baby is the best present ever. I hope I can remember every moment with Mr. Snuggly. 🙂 #
  • RT @TheLXD: @adammshankman I support LXD to perform at the Oscars!… #
  • It's been a long, long day. #
  • @canida @ewilhelm – thank you. #
  • Oops, that's not Eric's Twitter account. Unrelated: very tired, can't sleep. #

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First Christmas and life with our two month old baby

December 24, 2009   

It’s hours away from our first Christmas with the baby.

He doesn’t just smile now; he laughs and giggles and squeaks while kicking his feet around. Even when I’m at my most tired, after the third fitfull night in a row followed by as many early mornings, when I hear the little one gurgling and cooing and giggling, I feel a smile spread over my face and stretch into every corner of my body.

He’s so much fun! He’s always been communicative about his basic needs, but in the last week, we figured out that when we are able to really pinpoint his tired cues and help him wind down to fall asleep, he’s extra happy when he’s awake, he eats eagerly and efficiently, and sleeps better through the night.

The odd thing, which seems to jibe with something I read in one of the books, is that the better he naps during the day, the better he sleeps at night. This is the opposite of how it works for us adults. I think this is because if he is too tired, he won’t eat until he’s full because his sleepiness and tiredness is bothering him too much. So he goes to sleep then he wakes up feeling really, really hungry, but he’s tired enough that he is upset at waking up. Hunger and sleepiness battle on, and he wakes up crying and doesn’t eat his fill because he is too tired. Wash, rinse, repeat in 1.5 hour blocks.

When he is well rested during the day, I can feed him at night until he is really satiated and catch his sleepy signals just as they start. Then he goes to bed, sleeps longer because he is full (between 3.5 and 6 hours!), wakes up to eat when he is hungry, but he may not be crying because he’s well-rested and his hunger isn’t intense, so he can go back to sleep fairly quickly after a light feeding.

We’ve established a fairly regular routine where he wakes us up at 7am, pretty much regardless of when he goes to sleep. I usually end up feeding him in my sleep 15-30 min before that, not realizing it is morning, then he makes it clear he’s not going back to sleep. He is content to play in bed with us for a good 20-30 minutes. Seppo takes care of him when he gets fussy until just before he has to leave for work, which is really, really, truly, sincerely wonderful for me. He also does nighttime diaper changes. Even though I vow I’ll let him sleep, I find I’m befuddled by the break in routine when the baby wets himself at night (he’s been holding it many nights lately, or hasn’t let a slightly wet diaper bother him) that I’m sluggish and don’t know what’s left or right, up or down.

When Seppo leaves, I play some games with the baby’s hands and feet, talk/sing with him, and, lately, read to him. He’ll usually look sleepy again by 9:30 or 10 in the morning, so I either rock him to sleep or put him in the sling and go about fixing myself brunch, which puts him to sleep in 5 to 45 minutes, which is when I eat. He’ll nap for an hour or two, then wake up to eat like a fiend at around 11 or so.

After he eats, I burp him and let him quietly get adjusted to being awake again. When he starts to get fidgety, the games begin anew. I play old Korean games I remember with his hands, fascinated by how much he pays attention and enjoys the process. I sing nursery rhymes, both Korean and American. I walk around with him, showing him new things and noting how he stares or laughs or lunges in his completely uncoordinated way.

Sometime between noon and two, depending on if he managed to get a morning nap, he gets that sleepy look on his face again, so I help him fall asleep. How successful I am at this during the day is what makes the difference between an easy day and a bad day, because if he’s too tired, he’ll cry and cry and be unable to find relief.

Anyway, if things go well, we repeat the morning’s routine. On a really good day, he will take two or three naps totalling 5 hours or so. This means he’s ready for his long block of sleep between 7pm and 9pm. He’ll sleep around 4-5 hours usually, then eat and be back asleep within 20 min. Next time, he’ll wake up in about 2-3 hours, then in 1-2 hours.

On bad nights, he’ll wake up every 1.5 hours and take more time to get back to sleep.

On days he naps a lot, I manage to squeeze in an hour nap which is awesome. While I’m rocking the baby to sleep or walking around the house with him in a sling, I watch tv. I also watch tv in the late afternoon, while reading books to the baby.

It feels like I should be able to do so much when he naps, but he wakes himself so often during the day that I’m constantly on the watch. Getting him to fall into deep, long sleep at night takes a good hour or three.

On great days, I do a load of baby laundry, load/unload the dishwater, and cook dinner. On bad days, I will have eaten only crackers and chocolate all day, been desperate to pee because the baby looks exhausted and has been fussy and on the brink of sleep for hours, and forgotten if I had brushed my teeth.

On great days, Seppo comes home to the dinner I made, and I can let him rest up a bit. On bad days, Seppo comes home, sees the look on my face, takes the baby and gently pushes me toward the bedroom to take a nap. Seppo cooks dinner or we order out and I try to recover in time to get the baby ready for nighttime sleep then spend 2-3 hours getting him there.

On average days, we manage to hang out, coo over our awesome baby, watch tv, and catch up on our days.

All in all, people are right when they say it’s hard work. But figuring him out more and more makes life easier. And he puts giant, crazy, face-splitting grins on our faces. Everyday, he does some new cute thing. It’s like puppies and kittens in fluffy towels times a bajillion. He makes me squeal, laugh, cuddle, and kiss him all day.

I get tired during the day and I get frustrated at times, but I never get mad at him. When he is upset and fussy, I feel bad for the little guy because I know he’d rather be happy too.

Tomorrow is Christmas. It’s his first. I regret that we didn’t get a tree and that we didn’t get him a cute little Santa or reindeer outfit so we can show it to him when he is a big kid. I want to really live in the moments of our lives as a family, to really create and cherish memories and traditions. I know we do it in our everyday; I just wish I had had the foresight to get things together earlier.

I suppose our traditions will have to live on in things like the songs we make up to sing to the baby, such as my favorite, “Driving a Car”. It changes every time, but generally goes like this:

[hold baby’s hands and make gestures while singing]
Driving a car,
Typing an email,
Driving a car,
Mowing the lawn!

Driving a car,
Beating up babies,
Driving a car,
Taking a shower!

Driving a car,
Skiing cross-country,
Driving a car,
Punching a bear!

Driving a car,
Writing a blog post,
Driving a car,
Flaming a troll!

Thank you, thank you; I know. 🙂 I also sing “You’re a Baby After All” to the tune of “It’s a Small World After All”.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

December 20, 2009   
  • Great. H1N1 vaccines available through the county and our pediatrician on Saturday and we missed them again. Fail. #
  • I am pretty sure this Paula Deen bread pudding I'm making is going to be too sweet. Will find out soon. #
  • Baby laughed out loud (yes, LOLed) for the first time yesterday as @helava airplaned him around. It was amazing. #
  • Stucco people are here today. We are getting close to the end of construction! #
  • Water has been turned off all day. Not sure why, so was going to ask contractor but no one is around. Mysterious indeed. #
  • Given how I generally dress and the fact baby is now in a Calvin Klein sleepsack, I'm sure I'll get mistaken for his nanny one day. Heh. #
  • @eisfore Will do! 🙂 in reply to eisfore #
  • LOLing baby! He's so amused by the mobile. 😀 #
  • RT @TheLXD: Wow, Joss Whedon lists LXD as the #2 thing that has truly made him happy this year! Thanks Joss!!!! #
  • Yes, I am watching Sing Off. #
  • @Glennia Total and utter nerdapalooza indeed! 🙂 in reply to Glennia #
  • Huh, interesting. RT @NBB1: RT @patkiernan: Younger looking people live longer. [AP] report on Danish DNA study. #
  • Woot! RT @ActuallyNPH: D.C. approves marriage equality in an 11-2 vote. Heading to Congress. It's a good day. #
  • The new wordpress iPhone app is much better than the last one. Like! #
  • @amanofallmen Heh, our family is full of procrastinators. Congrats on getting the scholarship, smartypants!!! in reply to amanofallmen #
  • @NBB1 Arguing with yourself is fruitless. in reply to NBB1 #
  • Baby got his first shots. Sad to see him stuck with such large needles! 🙁 #
  • @amanofallmen I'm 8 years older than you and I still have issues. Heh. Even my mom proscrastinates still! 🙂 in reply to amanofallmen #
  • I am very proud of my cousin for pursuing and getting the fleet reserve scholarship! Woot! #
  • Our almost two-month-old is 24" tall, weighs 12lbs 10ozs, with a head just under 16" in circumference. #
  • @NBB1 Please send over a slice or ten. Thanks! in reply to NBB1 #
  • @bcaudill Have you read the Karen Moning series? in reply to bcaudill #
  • Via @NBB1 "The Web's Most Illogical Arguments": #
  • Adorable! RT @StephDecker: Too Cute! — Mark Salling's (Puck) Tribute to his Glee Family #
  • Must think of meaningful, lasting, personal gifts for my nieces and nephew. Barring that, whatever Amazon will ship by Christmas. Next week! #
  • Poor bebe has been cranky and sleepy all day. He still managed to muster up some good mood and smiles for me. What a good little guy. #
  • Pleasantly surprised to see that Supernanny is a really positive show rather than an exploitative trainwreck. #
  • Playing w baby, paying bills, and shopping for Xmas presents all at the same time. Ordering @helava's present now! 🙂 #
  • Re: my last update: WOW, to no one's surprise, that didn't work out even a little bit. Heh. #
  • Mission accomplished: @helava's present ordered, will arrive before Xmas, and I even found a coupon. Where's my glorious banner? #
  • @NBB1 Conspiracy. in reply to NBB1 #
  • @aaa Isn't that regifting? in reply to aaa #
  • @hja So wonderful! I was bursting with every emotion when our baby smiled for the first time. 🙂 in reply to hja #
  • @Ryuhi Awwww! Adorable! in reply to Ryuhi #
  • @drspam But why does everything look so crappy in the ads? in reply to drspam #
  • Just learned that the baby goes back to sleep faster if I spin around with him rather than rock him. Heh. #
  • @AngryChad What is Sink Ham? in reply to AngryChad #
  • @StephDecker Wow, those look amazing! #
  • The more I learn about my baby and the more I hear from others with babies, the more I realize my mom really is the world's foremost expert! #
  • I am not joking about my last tweet. She could probably raise 40 babies at once. Time for me to eat humble pie. She's gonna say told you so! #
  • The semifinals for American Ninja Warrior were great; the finals were stupid and completely irrelevant. Some of the best got cut. #
  • @NBB1 I'm gonna get knocked up again right now just to use that name. Brb. in reply to NBB1 #
  • Failed to note baby is now two months old. It's been quite a journey. #

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Whoa. Kid. Part 2: The False Alarm

December 14, 2009   

Saturday before the baby was born, I had my last scheduled non-stress test. The technician once more predicted that I’ll be having the baby pretty much any minute, as they were observing very regular, noticeable contractions, as they had the week before and a couple of days before.

By this time, I had become irrationally convinced the baby was just never going to make a move on his own. People warned this weird thought would enter my head at some point, but it had all sounded like crazy talk until it happened.

I suppose I knew he would eventually come out, but I wanted to know that my body was going to try to do its thing on its own at some point. All signs pointed to it doing something, what with all the regular contractions and hospital staff making bets on things moving soon, so what was the hold up?

Sometime after we got back from the appointment, my mom and I took Mobi for a long walk. While we were walking along the dogwalk near our house, I thought my water possibly broke, which was both a big relief and hugely inconvenient, given my distance from home.

We got home and I proceeded to google how to tell when your water has broken (when it’s not a huge gush) and called the on-call doctor. The doctor advised that due to my testing positive for group b strep, I should come in the next morning even if I did not go into labor, due to fear of infection.

I didn’t go into labor, even while my non-painful contractions stayed quite regular. I didn’t want my mom to worry too much, so we waited to tell my mom until the morning. We got to the hospital at 8am and proceeded to be checked in immediately instead of going through triage, as the doctor ordered.

As you can tell from the title of this blog post, it was a false alarm and my water had not broken, as we found after I got checked in and had the nurse check me out.

I really wish my water had broken and that we had stayed to be induced because this trip to the hospital was so pleasant in every way, without the fear, panic, and pain of the next day. The nurse was just so nice and made me feel at ease, and the entire process was orderly.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

December 13, 2009   
  • Tried to make some pumpkin muffins, but ended up with two dozen failcakes. Boo. #
  • @SwanL Much congrats! in reply to SwanL #
  • RT @bcaudill: RT @BradStone: At Google search event; Google adding Twitter results to search and socially-relevant results. #
  • "Other Asian" from #Glee choreographed The League of Extraordinary Dancers on #sytycd on last week's results show. That was awesome. #
  • @bcaudill I also hate it when the epilogue of just about all historical romances end in a birth. :-/ That wasn't the point! #
  • @SwanL Have you seen @shitmydadsays? Your dad quotes are hilarious. in reply to SwanL #
  • @hja That is fantastic news!!! It must be such a relief. It was great to see the whole family. 🙂 in reply to hja #
  • Had a fun visit to A&T&A's house. Little A is changing so fast! #
  • @westcoastbill LOL! You named that marlin Belshe? Ha! in reply to westcoastbill #
  • RT @westcoastbill: Word Ace makes the jump into the physical realm – writeup! #
  • Saturday night, I'll be ditching the husband and baby to go see New Moon with U. 🙂 #
  • iPhone dropped… right into a cup of water. ARG! Am drying out in a container of uncooked rice as the internet tells me. This blows. #
  • @amanofallmen You're not *that* old! Hehe. in reply to amanofallmen #
  • @Ryuhi Thumbs up to Korean food. 😀 in reply to Ryuhi #
  • iPhone seems mostly ok. Also recovered most of our photo archives I deleted yesterday. Cautiously optimistic about today's outlook. #
  • Baby already peed in the bathroom twice this morning. Success! Also: why did I sing a NKOTB song to him? #
  • Baby has been crying real tears since about a week or two ago. Why didn't I notice the lack of tears before? Strange. #
  • @abecedary It could just be leaking motor oil. 😀 in reply to abecedary #
  • @RobZograph I love that song. Almost makes me cry every time I listen to it. in reply to RobZograph #
  • Baby's tiny fauxhawk can only mean he'll grow up to be a gay chef and compete on #topchef. #
  • You know how everything you read on the Internet seems like a lie? Well, putting the wet iPhone in rice really did help dry it out. Funny. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06

December 6, 2009   
  • Win a new Macbook Pro on Cyber Monday 2009. Details here: #
  • @eisfore I would have admired your bunny socks! So cute! in reply to eisfore #
  • Catch up tweet: went to DUC Corp's new headquarters for TDay. Chairman is so big now! Also to Tortuga. Corvi can almost stand! #
  • Chris, Siam, and Steve dropped by Saturday. Was nice seeing them. Asked Siam for some tips. Will try one this week. 🙂 Thanks! #
  • S&H&T came by Sunday with some dimsum. Exchanged babies and played for a while. A 6-month old baby weighs quite a bit more! Quite active too #
  • Spending the day at DUC Corp headquarters. Thanks!! So noisy and dusty at home. Hopefully will stop all leaks. *fingers crossed* #
  • @MJ I want to come up and visit sometime this week! in reply to MJ #
  • @kankokujin Welcome to Twitter! 🙂 in reply to kankokujin #
  • American Ninja Warrior premiers December 12th! #
  • Baby likes to blow little bubbles now. Cute. OMG I think the baby just had a butt-splosion of epic proportions. Where is @helava?! Heh. #
  • @NBB1 I read the book. Agreed — good but not enjoyable. in reply to NBB1 #
  • Acquired Hawaiian food for dinner, got baby home safely. I am wiped out! I'm such a wimp. #
  • @SwanL :-O I've never heard of choco cream soda before but I already know I want it! in reply to SwanL #
  • Lousy night w lots of feedings & short sleep cycles means that I feel like a zombie today. And not the awesome kind that gets movie roles. #
  • Contemplating pros and cons of staying home today. Pros: dog not alone, everything I need is here. Cons: loud, trapped in one part of house. #
  • @MJ Tomorrow? I can go there. Construction at my house so too loud and dusty for the two babies. 11:30-ish? in reply to MJ #
  • @aaa Took off from the house 15mins after that tweet. Was too loud & the convenient things like changing table were inaccessible anyway. in reply to aaa #
  • Yesterday was great; today is absolute shitballs. Excuse my language. #
  • I think Mollee is wearing leggings that are painted to look like acid-washed jeans, complete with pockets. Am I high? #sytycd #
  • @veraciousjess @vyrin Woo hoo! in reply to veraciousjess #
  • I've surrounded the baby with books with colorful covers. He seems to enjoy them as much as any fancy mobile. Heh. #
  • Money can't buy happiness, but money can buy relief from discomfort. Glider is out for delivery! Thanks @helava! #
  • It's hilarious to me that I have meltdowns about as often now as when I first got dumped when I was 15. Heh. At least I can laugh about it. #
  • RT @selfawaregames: New version of Card Ace on Facebook! Check it out here: #
  • Physical WordAce decks! RT @selfawaregames: New post: CARDS! #
  • RT @mwilh: Best write-up of Climategate so far: #
  • Baby slept 8 hours between 10:45pm last night and 8am this morning, with two feedings in between. I feel so good today! 😀 #
  • Weighed self with baby, then weighed self. If scale is at all accurate, baby is now 12+lbs. #
  • @hja The two feedings were when he woke up between 10:45pm and 8am. So, at 2:45am and 6am. 🙂 in reply to hja #
  • @hja Ah! I see. He usually actively feeds for 15min on each side. Rest is usually comfort sucking, but sometimes might go for 30min for real in reply to hja #
  • @hja Also, I misremembered 10:15pm as 10:45pm. 30 more minutes of something or another. in reply to hja #
  • Today, I ate at a nice restaurant for the 1st time while visiting @MJ & her cutie baby. The table next to us didn't know I even had a baby #
  • Accidentally splashed water from my water bottle on the baby. Turnabout is fair play, I say. 😀 #
  • @NBB1 You passed the robot test. Not a robot. in reply to NBB1 #
  • @bcaudill And what will you do if she's Team Jacob? Or worse, develops and even bigger crush on RP? in reply to bcaudill #
  • @MJ So glad! in reply to MJ #
  • Visited @hja and @sidewalksays today. So nice to see them and their little girl! #
  • Farting & burping while eating — if he starts scratching his butt, I might as well call him Homer. 🙂 #
  • @vyrin @veraciousjess @incidentist Are you folks dressing up? @helava says no, but I don't want to be the lonely hobo. #
  • @westcoastbill Thanks for the awesome party! Heck, thanks for hiring me straight out of school 11+yrs ago. It's been quite a ride! You rock! #
  • The crab at Le Cheval was amazing. I could have eaten the whole platter by myself. Nom nom nom. #
  • House repairs are double original quote due to extensive rot. Original contractor responsible should rot in hell. #
  • @aaa Ha! Sadly, that isn't what he meant. 🙂 in reply to aaa #

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