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February 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

February 28, 2010   
  • Enamelled cast iron cookware is amazing: great thermal capacitance, a breeze to clean. Made braised chicken then stock with bones tonight. #
  • Hmm. Power weeny out. #
  • Er… Power went out. #
  • Checked all the breaker panels. Can't tell if it's just our house or the entire neighborhood. Call neighbor but no answer. #
  • @gnguyen Ah, thanks for the info. in reply to gnguyen #
  • I don't know how I thought the vaccum cleaner would work during a power outage. #
  • Power came back just as I was wondering how I'd get the stroller out of the garage without power. Cool! #
  • Last tweet was supposed to be sent two hours ago. Anyway, finally got my h1n1 vaccination! Success. #
  • Baby's lower two teeth are so close to the surface that you can see and feel them very distinctly. Poor kid is suffering. #
  • Felt around the baby's mouth again and found that the front lower left tooth is out! :-O #
  • @hja Seriously, both yay and boo! And only one tooth so far. in reply to hja #
  • Yay for no rain. On walk with baby. #
  • @AngryChad ROFL! in reply to AngryChad #
  • @jaeran I think your Twitter account got hacked. I got one of those infamous "This you?" dms from your account. #
  • In the last week, the baby sprouted two lower teeth, sat up by himself, and started to get upset when leaving his new fave thing, the bath. #
  • Baby dubbed Mr. Bighead Ladyvoice by @helava. He's trying out some interesting things his vocal chords can do. Hilarious little night owl. #
  • @bcaudill Oh man, how I love Bon Jovi! in reply to bcaudill #
  • Just dropped off the baby for his first transition day in daycare. He'll be there from 8am to 11am today. Predictably, I cried. He slept. πŸ™‚ #
  • @AngryChad I started to make a "my concolases" joke but realized how stupid it was. Yet I couldn't refrain from telling you. in reply to AngryChad #
  • @AngryChad Er… My consolases, I mean. Eh, just forget it. *kicks rock* #
  • Will be leaving to pick up baby in about 35min. Only left him about an hour ago what with paperwork and he was already napping. Yet… :'( #
  • @hja Went w H&S's daycare. Close w great reviews, a staff we liked, large yet cozy facilities, and an unmatchable personal recommendation in reply to hja #
  • @hja But still hard not to feel sad and guilty. How have your first two weeks been? in reply to hja #
  • @Ryuhi as opposed to your twittering wife whom you normally eat with? πŸ˜‰ in reply to Ryuhi #
  • @NBB1 The thing is that I don't want to read that article, but the link is just sitting there, daring me. in reply to NBB1 #
  • The baby is sleeping soundly. I am going to take him to Babies R Us when he wakes up and eats so I can get some playroom things for him. #
  • As sad as I was to leave him at daycare, when I went back, it was so great to see him having fun with the other babies there, including T! #
  • Waiting in car with baby to see if this rain is going to slow down so I don't get him wet. #
  • Made chicken in the Dutch oven again. Served with jus, veg hash, bread, and olive oil poached carrot soup. #
  • @abecedary Come over for dinner anytime! πŸ™‚ I miss hanging out. in reply to abecedary #
  • @MJ I'm speechless. in reply to MJ #

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Always changing

February 25, 2010   

The baby is always changing. That is so obvious, but it’s amazing how fast things happen. So many changes so quickly means that I feel like I’m meeting a whole new baby every couple of weeks or even days, and it’s exciting. But it also means that I’m saying good-bye to the old baby, with his tiny baby-ness and his blobby silliness.

He sort of, kind of, maybe sat up by himself earlier this week. He can sit, hunched forward, hands at his sides and touching the floor, perfectly balanced for about 2 seconds before listing to the side drunkenly. πŸ™‚ And after weeks of munching intently on his hands and our knuckles, he’s sprouted two tiny teeth on the bottom! Wow! I need to get a picture to post soon. I think his left tooth emerged on Monday then the right one came in on Tuesday or Wednesday. The edges feel like a dull saw blade as new teeth do.

He’s also been more intentional in his grabbing lately. I read that he’s most likely developing a sense of depth perception about now, and that along with better motor control means that he can grab things better than before. Before, he was just flailing his limbs randomly toward (or even away from) the objects of his desire, but now he looks at them and slowly tries to bring his hand or hands to them. Oddly enough, he’s been doing this with my hand and fingers. We sometimes lie under the mobile over our bed and sing a simple song I made up that goes, “This is a circle, this is a circle, squiggly little worms, squiggly little worms. This is a kitty cat, this is a kitty cat, with triangle ears, triangle ears,” etc. It’s mostly nonsensical but I point at various different pictures while singing these lines. Lately, as I am gesturing at the pictures, he’ll slowly bring his hands up and grab my hand, then ever so slowly, bring my hand to his face and open mouth, at which point, he’ll release my hand instead of chomping on it, then start over again. He seems to enjoy this game and that is good enough, even if I don’t understand it! πŸ˜€ He also does this with my elbow while I change him on his changing pad.

Ooh, another thing he does is now blow raspberries on my neck and on my cheek. Right before the teeth came out, he often pressed his mouth/jaw against whatever was close by, like my hand, his fists, my neck, the bed (which is quite alarming to me, as it looks like he’s trying to smother himself against the bed), etc. While doing this, he just spontaneously figured out he can blow little fart sounds on my neck. It’s hilarious! At least to me.

It’s like I’m trying to capture all these memories on paper (and in photos) as fast as I can, knowing that these phases are passing and that he’ll keep changing, and I’ll eventually forget some of these tiny, adorable details. Yeah, well, it’s exactly that. No one else might care to read this, but it is some comfort to me that I’m writing these things down so that I can remember.

He’s just amazing. I love him so much.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

February 21, 2010   
  • Happy Lunar New Year and St. Valentine's Day! #
  • @hja I was informed by @helava that baby was actually up until 7am. Yowza! in reply to hja #
  • Wha… Pretty weird! RT @SwanL: I cannot believe Nong Shim is the Amazon gold box deal of the day. #
  • @abecedary So awesome! What's the stuff in the foil? We should eat in the east bay together sometime. in reply to abecedary #
  • @MJ As cute as my tiny baby is, his farts are killer clouds of doom. Yikes! πŸ™‚ in reply to MJ #
  • I told a friend yesterday that I'm a great mom but a terrible housewife. So true I needed to tweet that into the intarwebs. #
  • @veraciousjess Looking great!! in reply to veraciousjess #
  • Wow, found out two of my friends are pregnant! Go, CHS253! #
  • Boom! Yet another pregnant friend! Congratulations!!! #
  • Homage to my hips by the fabulous, late Lucille Clifton: via @Ealasaid #
  • @bcaudill People are illiterate and lazy. in reply to bcaudill #
  • Curling is strangely fascinating. #
  • Hair commenced falling out ~1wl ago. Was warned about this. Not like I'm going bald, just thinning to pre-pregnancy level but still weird. #

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Two Shorts

February 16, 2010   

Conversation 1:
About a month ago, Seppo and I were rocking the baby to sleep in our darkened room, with some Brahms Lullaby and assorted other pieces playing in the background.

Me: *eyes rounding* Oh my God! I know why you always fall asleep at symphonies!
Seppo: Oh my God! Me too!

Conversation 2:
The day of the baby’s 100th day celebration, Joe, our housemate, called Seppo shortly before the starting time. He was calling from his work, and from what I could tell from Seppo’s end of the conversation, he was asking if he could bring anything, as he was coming back home from his grocery store.

Seppo, to Joe on the phone: … Sure, maybe bring something for the parents?
Me, to myself in my head: The parents? Did someone invite their parents to the party? What the hell? That’s obnoxious!
[Five seconds pass.]
Me, out loud: Oh my GOD! WE are the parents! Our friends and us! GAH!

The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Bebeh

February 14, 2010   

Let’s see… He’s a champion drooler now. He’s been drooling like a leaking open faucet for about a month. It seems early, but from the way he eagerly chomps on everything in sight, it seems as he really is teething. Wow! He’s got a pretty hard bite.

His mornings have been quite different from the last time I wrote about them. He wakes up closer to 6am now but is also not as consistent as he used to be. For instance, last night, he woke up at 3am and went back to sleep around 6 or 7, not quite sure when.

We had his 100-day celebration! Here are a couple of pics from the actual date:


Here he is, dressed up and nowhere to go, a couple of days after his 100th:

We had a small gathering. It was remarkable in that it was a small gathering but FULL OF BABIES. I mean, like 10. I hadn’t even realized I knew so many babies. It was pretty crazy. Most of them were 1 and under, which a couple of bigger kids in the mix.

Sadly, I failed to take any pics during the gathering with the kids. But here is the baby with a rice-cake-cake. You heard me: rice-cake-cake.

And yes, those are arms you see holding the baby up. My mom’s, to be precise.

I wish this pic wasn’t so unfocused because it’s adorable.

He’s super-long! He was over 26″ tall two weeks ago.

He really wants to eat his feet nowadays but he can’t really reach them in most positions. Here is one that sort of works:

I am going back to work in two and a half weeks, which means we are spending a lot of time looking for childcare. It is a heartbreaking process, made worse because there are so many people who have so much negative to say about our decision. Sucks.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

February 14, 2010   
  • ME TOO! *dies* RT @SwanL: Love —> #
  • Nooooo! Charles Chocolates @ Emeryville is closing 2/15! New place opened in SF, 15% sale for East Bay residents, not sure if new/old loc. #
  • It seems like the little mister may be going through another growth spurt. Lots of eating, crying, sleeping — a good 50% increase in each. #
  • @eisfore LOL! I love that picture. in reply to eisfore #
  • The baby's hands are like a mousetrap that springs the instant anything touches his hands, bringing whatever it is to his mouth. #
  • @AngryChad Don't tell me how to parent! Mice are nutritious! πŸ˜‰ in reply to AngryChad #
  • @abecedary Whoa! What now? in reply to abecedary #
  • Just picked up a red (do they even come in other colors?) Radio Flyer tricycle from KimchiMama T for a bargain. Thanks! πŸ™‚ #
  • @NBB1 That was maddening! I kept trying to parse out words, even knowing it was gibberish. πŸ˜€ in reply to NBB1 #
  • Taking a walk with the baby. #
  • Baby is like a Polynesian warrior, grunting, making faces, and slapping himself in the stomach when he's excited about something. πŸ™‚ #
  • Left messages for previous employers in order to do reference checks for caregiver. Sigh. #
  • Last evening, @helava arrived on a scooter, bringing jajangmyun, fried chicken, and dumpling takeout. It was like a Korean delivery miracle! #
  • And now I'm having leftovers as a late night snack. Om nom nom nomwahahahaha! #
  • Just because it's awesome. RT @canida: "You don't have any pants on, and you've got a whole stick of frozen butter. What were we thinking?" #
  • Can't marry beloved life partner, but can marry a stranger. So sad. Kitty Lambert's Wedding #
  • I'm dressed head to toe in Converse gear. It's a little weird. #
  • @AngryChad We are still trying to figure out the feasibility of going!! in reply to AngryChad #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

February 7, 2010   
  • Baby stepped on @helava's neck. I found this hilarious. This might make me a bad wife. πŸ˜‰ #
  • I checked in at Target (300 Bay Fair Mall) on #Yelp #
  • Family photo from Jin's 100th day (baek-il 백일): #
  • Baby & me. You can see a the rice cake (ë–‘) cake at the bottom. It looks like a frosted cake but is all rice cake. #
  • @amanofallmen Congratulations! Thank you for serving. in reply to amanofallmen #
  • @hja I just put our boy in bed for a nap too. πŸ™‚ in reply to hja #
  • @SwanL LOL! Don't let him take it away! Maybe get an ajumma perm. in reply to SwanL #
  • 95th percentile for height, 75th for weight at 26-1/8" and 15lbs 3oz. Got three shots in the thighs and one oral vaccine. Yowza. #
  • What the heck?! I just heard a neighborhood ice cream truck woman was shot. Who does something like that? πŸ™ #
  • Left a message with my first daycare place. Bah humbug. #
  • Reflecting on how great Mom's 100il visit was: long enough to be a tremendous amount of help, short enough that we didn't fight. Miss her. #
  • @hja I think so. His thighs will probably be a little sore for a couple of days but he's taking a nap now. πŸ™‚ in reply to hja #
  • Baby is sleeping in his new crib. Fingers crossed that he sleeps ok. #
  • The scene from 30 Rock with Jenna and her mom singing reminds me of Klay's story of singing Father Figure at karaoke. #
  • Just ordered some xxhi converse sneakers on my iPhone via the amazon app. That thing is dangerous. Also got foam letter tiles for baby. πŸ™‚ #
  • @bcaudill I always thought there was something a bit off about that guy. πŸ˜‰ in reply to bcaudill #
  • @AngryChad @NBB1 I'm having the same problem with siri. Boo. in reply to AngryChad #
  • @AngryChad @NBB1 I clicked register for a new account at the startup screen and got it to send a new email. So far, it IS awesome. #siri in reply to AngryChad #
  • Sometimes, you reach the breaking point. #
  • Awake and can't fall back asleep. Must be from shock that baby slept 5+ hrs straight and is back asleep. Swaddling again did the trick. #

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