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March 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

March 28, 2010   
  • Excellent. Commis called and asked if we'd be interested in doing a tasting menu on Wednesday night. The answer is yes! #
  • @NBB1 happy birthday! #
  • LOL RT @amanofallmen: Today persian new year!!! If you failed ur resolution for new years and chinese new years, 3rd times a charm #
  • RT @citymama: Shameful RT @ebertchicago: It appears to me as if Pope Benedict will be forced to resign. #
  • @drspam We are having Korean tacos. You around? #
  • @StephDecker Well played. in reply to StephDecker #
  • I keep burning dolsotbap (claypot rice). They are going to take my Asian membership card away. #
  • Baby is back to his old self. Even better: he has gone to sleep w/o fuss and slept 5-6.5hr stretches last couple of nights. Yay, health! #
  • @bcaudill Good!!! in reply to bcaudill #
  • I checked in at Commis (3859 Piedmont Ave.) on #Yelp #
  • @mworch Twitter Tools. in reply to mworch #
  • @kimchimamas Woo hoo! in reply to kimchimamas #
  • @Ddrah Is Olive ok? This is your neighbor, by the way. Hi! 🙂 in reply to Ddrah #
  • the free @digg app comes to your iphone! they're giving out a custom ipad everyday for 2 weeks to celebrate! #
  • For @hja! RT @SwanL: How to Train Your Dragon is a WIN. Loved it. Want to see it in 3d. #
  • Jamie Oliver's new show makes me so embarrassed for our country. Sheesh. #
  • @NBB1 Yeah, Alice and the DJ in particular. Blech. in reply to NBB1 #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

March 21, 2010   
  • I checked in at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen (2261 Shattuck Ave) on #Yelp #
  • Very excited to try some fried chicken and a poboy Angeline's Lousiana Kitchen. So crowded at 2pm – a very good sign. #
  • Total homerun. The sweet potato mash was phenomenal and the shrimp poboy was perfect. Waiting for beignets… #
  • @westcoastbill That link seems to be broken. in reply to westcoastbill #
  • It suddenly feels like summer. #
  • @NBB1 They actually have tables on OpenTable. Gotta be on *right* at midnight from what I hear. in reply to NBB1 #
  • @abecedary @hja I think I used to work in that building!!!!! in reply to abecedary #
  • Went to Commis for third time. Baby fussed at beginning but went to sleep during first course. Love, love, love Commis. Going back Wednesday #
  • Had hibiscus soda, sous vide egg, pork jowl, game hen, choco ganache tile w bergomot ice cream, and absinthe gelee. @helava had soda, egg… #
  • …sardines, cod, blood orange panna cotta, and gelee. The staff is soooooo nice & warm, and remembered us from 5.5 months ago. <3 Commis! #
  • I really have nothing to add about Commis, except that every time we go, I come back home & obsess about it for hours. See? I'm doing it. #
  • Commis on #Yelp: Tonight was our third time at Commis and I could not love this restaurant more. For me, the food is… #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

March 14, 2010   
  • The baby's swing seems to be chanting, "Sun java, mark twa!" It's kind of mindlessly creepy. #
  • @NBB1 I'm watching solely to catch @TheLXD's performance. in reply to NBB1 #
  • @NBB1 How about… now? in reply to NBB1 #
  • Baby has his second cold. A little fever, a lot of snot, and one little trooper of a baby. #
  • Just made a same day appointment to get baby's fever checked out. Poor boy did not sleep last night and his fever is slightly higher today. #
  • @citymama I just paid full price for a membership yesterday. Oops! in reply to citymama #
  • Who's got two thumbs, a sick baby, and the start of her own cold? #
  • What is this magical 3G service I am getting in the Bart tunnel under the bay? I guess the future really is now. #
  • Waiting for my very first GDC session to start. Building a Virtual World: Lean Startup Style. #GDC2010 #
  • Session is done. Ping me if you are also done and want to meet. @vyrin @helava @incidentist #
  • I spotted a @veraciousjess doppleganger! I wish I had snapped a pic. #
  • This session was really good and relevant. Turned out to be a process-oriented talk. Great job @ericries! #leanstartup #GDC2010 #
  • @Computing4Evil That's the same question I had. # of apps and # of apps per device is more important to the people in this room #gdc2010 in reply to Computing4Evil #
  • Two facts about #GDC2010: 1. Very few tweeters and 2. Total sausagefest. Sheesh. #
  • I'm in the tunnel between the north and south halls. #
  • RT @amyjokim: Here's the slides from my #gdc talk: Metagame Design: Reward Systems that Drive Engagement #
  • @so_yun I'm going to beat up your new coworker and her husband. Just kidding. Sort of. 😉 in reply to so_yun #
  • Oh man… Corey Haim is dead at 38. He was my teen idol. I had so many posters of him. RIP. #
  • At the "Bringing your game to Android" at #GDC. Vaguely remember doing Java/JNI/C++ native code stuff two jobs ago for a web product. Wacky. #
  • @johnhattan This session is a LOT more useful. in reply to johnhattan #
  • @largeanimal Let me know what you find out. It seems to have "demo unlimited" service, but not sure for how long. in reply to largeanimal #
  • Droid giveaway at Android talk. #
  • I'm on… sort of. I'm in a beige hoodie in the back leftish area. Heh. #
  • @alforque Heh. No, it was just me in the room. That guy is also about a foot too tall to be @vyrin. 😀 in reply to alforque #
  • Die, memory leaks!!!! #
  • Depressing… RT @westcoastbill: STUDY: Women Of Color Age 36-49 Have Median Wealth Of Just $5 #
  • @mworch Your new Droid comes with one year of free service. You can make calls. in reply to mworch #
  • @selfawaregames Fun times! in reply to selfawaregames #
  • I'm sorry @AngryChad, but reading your tweet and @ StephDecker's back-to-back was kind of hilarious. #
  • REALLY?! RT @SwanL James Lipton, of "Inside the Actor's Studio" fame, wrote the theme song to "ThunderCats." I pledge my undying allegiance. #
  • Starting to see really light jeans everywhere now. Ugh. #
  • My friends came over at the ungodly hour of 6am to help out and of course the baby slept until 8am for the first time in weeks. Heh. #
  • No, wait… it's not 8 yet. One of my clocks has gone rogue. Uh oh, the cyclones are coming. #
  • My cylon joke was autocorrected to cyclones. Boo. #

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March 12, 2010   

Baby with family friend:

IMG_0194.JPGIMG_0195.JPGUncle Pete & Jin


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

March 7, 2010   
  • Tonight: pork shoulder sous vide, more carrot soup, asparagus, bread, peas. Later in week: duck confit, salmon, short rib, all sous vide. #
  • Definitely me! RT @TheLXD: One more week until @theLXD is on the Oscars!!! Who's watching? #
  • Teething toys? Why did we bother buying any? He far prefers a wooden spoon. What a gourmand. 😀 #
  • Baby and @helava went off to baby's second transition day in daycare. I will be picking him up at noon. I'm full of nerves. #
  • @canida He's fond of the toothbrush too. 🙂 Only problem: two ends to stop him from poking down his throat/into his eyes instead of one. in reply to canida #
  • @MJ RT @CleverGirlsColl: Looking 4 natural-born influencers-social media mavens-power FB/Tweeters! Join @clever1000! #
  • @abeldanger My eye used to twitch when I wasn't getting enough sleep. Or maybe it was the caffeine overload that resulted from lack of sleep in reply to abeldanger #
  • Took lunch over to @sidewalksays then met one of his and @hja's neighbors w a 3.5 month old boy, exchanged numbers for next time I visit. 🙂 #
  • @sidewalksays Next block over. She said she thinks she's said hi to you and P before. 🙂 in reply to sidewalksays #
  • RT @citymama: Interesting article about how children affect a restaurant's bottom line. With real numbers. #
  • Wish I were there! RT @seoulonwheels: Warm up with a spicy pork korrito and rib eye tacos. Hollis @ 64th in Emeryville 11-1:30 #
  • My first day going back to work and of course the baby was up every two hours last night, giving me only 5 total hours. He's tired too… 🙁 #
  • @AngryChad Agreed. Any particular episode? in reply to AngryChad #
  • @seoulonwheels Sad you are not in Emeryville today. Was planning on trying all the tasty for the first time. in reply to seoulonwheels #
  • Had a dream I was in an earthquake that collapsed the house. Pretty terrifying. #
  • @NBB1 My building tipped over too! Is that a common theme? It tipped, then slid down the hill. in reply to NBB1 #
  • Rice paddle has joined wooden spoon and toothbrush as baby toys. #

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