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May 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

May 30, 2010   
  • This concept of putting the baby down,, telling him it's time for a nap, giving him a kiss, and walking away is baffling in that IT WORKS. #
  • @kerowack @AngryChad Get a room! in reply to kerowack #
  • Mr. Babesaurus has become quite dexterous in the last couple of weeks, as evidenced in this video: #
  • @DivineAfflatus Congratulations!!!!!! You've worked so hard! Woo hoo! in reply to DivineAfflatus #
  • Worried about @helava who's headed to ER for uncontrollable coughing so bad he can barely breathe, certainly not sleep. Hope he's back soon. #
  • It is becoming difficult for me to resist getting Sonya Tayeh's haircut. #sytycd #
  • @NBB1 I have no sane explanation. I just want to do something fun with my hair. Heh. in reply to NBB1 #
  • In further insanity, I kind of want to get this ridiculous thing for the baby: 'Infant Boys Black Pinstripe 5pc Suit' #
  • Wrapped up some work, ordered some musical instruments for the baby from Amazon, and now to bed. #
  • I HATE having to make the baby go through these crying jags. #
  • Great blog post about soc media & exercise! Ft. @luciuskwok's c25k app ๐Ÿ™‚ RT @citymama: Tweet your way to a smaller ass #
  • @citymama I'd far prefer that to the rumor of Howard Stern taking over that spot. Can't stand him. in reply to citymama #

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Speaking of developments…

May 26, 2010   

We’ve spotted a 5th tooth! I saw a tiny stub on his lower right side, right next to the front teeth.

In the last few weeks, Mr. Baby has eaten the following:

  • sweet potato (orange colored) – BIG WINNER. This is his favorite by a mile and a half.
  • sweet potato (yellow/white) – likes a lot
  • avocado – spit up! Oops!
  • peas – made this face: X-*
  • rice cereal – likes ok
  • banana – likes a lot
  • mango – made this face: X-* but kept at it and his expression turned more like a cross between “hmmmm” and “ooh, sour!”
  • loquat – made this face: ๐Ÿ˜› but kept at it and seemed to enjoy it
  • oatmeal cereal – likes ok
  • watermelon – confused

This weekend, we are going to try giving him some chicken or fish. Yay!

WARNING: Discussion of baby’s digestive system below



















I’ve warned you!

Since day two, Seppo and I have been helping the baby pee and poop in the bathroom. We hold him over the toiletwith one of his thighs in each hand, his back leaning against our legs or stomach, depending on how far we are leaning over.

He pees and poops in his diaper during the day in daycare, and he pees in his diaper more than half the time when he’s with us (right before I went back to work, he was doing both #1 and #2 in the bathroom most of the time), but we always take him to the bathroom first thing in the morning and after meals.

Now that he’s eating solids, this is REALLY paying off in spades. We only have to change one dirty diaper for three times he poops in the toilet. Yay! Who knows how long this will last (I’ve heard lots of kids regress as they get more opinionated about things they’d rather be doing than hanging out in the bathroom), but it’s great for now.

New development!!!!!!

May 26, 2010   

I’m sorry for what may appear to be an excessive use of exclamation points, but I assure you that Seppo and I are as excited for this new development as we’ve been about just about anything in our lives.

The baby has been sleeping through the night (sort of).

Yes. I’ll give you some time to digest this bit of news.

Are you done digesting?

This is how things went down. Seppo and I have been haggard with lack of sleep. The baby — I hope it’s obvious that I’m intentionally omitting his name, as I’m trying to give him a tiny modicum of privacy, as lame as my attempt seems — has had a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep over the last four months.

He had been sleeping anywhere from 4.5 hours to 7 hours in a chunk at night by the time he had hit three months. He then got sick for the first time, then started to teeth in painful earnest, then got hit with another cold which lasted a painfully long time, then after a short reprieve, got hit with another cold. Then he sprouted even more teeth and got sick again. The last time was mercifully short. That poor kiddo has been through a lot in 2010.

When he was sick, he woke up a lot because he was stuffed up and had trouble breathing, despite our best efforts to decongest him in the steamy bathroom, with a humidifier, and with a buffered non-medicine nasal spray + suction doodad. We even had nights when we sat up all night and held him upright so he could get some rest. And as hard as it was for him, the little trooper continued to be his happy, sweet self throughout it all.

When he was teething, he woke up in the middle of the night from the pain. He settled down when we let him chew on our knuckles or one of the teethers we got for him. Again, despite the pain, when he was awake, he maintained a happy demeanor that I found truly remarkable.

I know — every parent really does think their kid is the most amazing, best baby in the world, and I am no different from those others when I think our little baby bear is the greatest baby the world has ever seen. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, all those physical trials messed up his sleeping, and he became very dependent on being rocked for a very long time or having a full-on meal in the middle of the night in order to fall asleep and go back to sleep when he inevitably woke up. At its worst, which was only about a week and a half ago, he was taking about an hour to fall asleep, then waking up literally every 1.5 to 2 hours, increasing in frequency to every hour as the morning drew closer.

It was hell on him and it was hell on us. It was so clear to see that he was sleepy and suffering because he could not fall asleep and stay asleep. We had spoken to every person we could think of and read everything we could find on figuring out a good sleep solution for him. We had tried several different methods throughout the four months, and it had been clear that things were getting worse, not better.

At our six month checkup, our pediatrician recommended letting the baby “cry it out,” which I had historically been adamantly against. We were desperate, so we tried it for a night or two, but it was nightmarish for all of us. I think Seppo and I might have gotten about 4 hours of sleep per night those two nights, and the baby was so tired that he slept a ridiculous amount at daycare. We also went on a trip right around then, so we abandoned that plan.

For a couple of weeks, we tried the “No Cry Sleep Solution” method, which seemed promising at first. I think it may be that the way we adapted the method may have worked against us, because by about two weeks ago, things were as bad as they could be: not only did he have trouble going to sleep, his wakings lasted up to 1.5 hours each night.

Last week Wednesday or Thursday, we started the Ferber method, which people often call the “cry it out” method, but is not quite that. I think if I had read the book earlier, I might not have rejected my mistaken notion of the method. I had thought it was about letting your baby cry until he is so tired and traumatized from crying that he fell asleep. I’ve done this in my angstful youth and did not relish him going through such pain, albeit a fleeting one that would not leave any lasting memories.

Upon reading the book, I was gratified to find clearly stated data on baby sleep patterns and what that means in “sleep training”. I was also reassured that the intent of the method is not to let the baby cry his little heart out and grow exhausted and scared from fruitlessly calling for help, then feeling abandoned, but to keep the baby from trying to choose “fun time with mommy and daddy” over easing his tiredness.

The method basically consists of establishing a pre-sleep routine, putting the baby in bed, then leaving the room. When he cried, I let him cry for 5 minutes while watching him with an aching heart through the video monitor, then went in to pat him and reassure him that mommy is there and everything is normal. The hard part was not picking him up. His face was dark red from the exertion and wet with tears that streamed from his pinched-shut eyes. His hand shook and reached out to me. He had only learned to reach out after he hit about 5.5 months, so it was all I could do not to snatch him up or cry myself. I could feel his pain and frustration that I wasn’t holding him and helping him calm down.

I was not sure I could do this, even for just one more minute. I’d spent the entirety of his life trying to protect him from hurts and pain, and now, I was standing there, looking down at my desperately crying baby and not reassuring him that the world was ok in the only way he understood.

I felt like the shittiest person on the planet. I was sure that Ferber was a monster and that all the people who had done this were in fact crazy and selfish who were just thinking of their own tiredness. Do I really need to sleep?

The thing that made me continue is that he really needs the rest too. His little yet remarkable brain is developing at such a tremendous rate right now, and he needs sleep in order to be healthy and to grow.

So I kept on. Oh, I forgot to mention that this was for a nap and Seppo was still at work, so that’s the only reason I was doing this alone. That was stupid.

As I was saying, I kept on. I went in after another 10 minutes, then another 15 minutes, then 20 minutes. I did this for about 1h 15min, then Seppo came home and I decided I had tortured the baby long enough so I brought him back out. The baby was so tired but he hadn’t been able to rest at all.

That night, just a little bit of time later, we put him down in bed to sleep. We repeated the process with the ever-increasing gap before going in to sooth him. Because he was so tired, I think he fell asleep after the second round. He woke up a couple of times but we kept on with the time intervals throughout the night. I think he was awake for 1.5 hours in the wee hours of the morning.

The next night, we did it for about 30 minutes before he fell asleep. He woke up a couple of times but went to sleep faster than the night before.

The third night, we did it for about 10 minutes before he fell asleep. He woke up only twice, I believe, going back to sleep faster.

From the fourth night, he’s literally let out one half-hearted “wah” before falling asleep almost before we had a chance to leave the room. Either that or laid in bed, quietly looking around himself for a couple of minutes before going to sleep on his own. At night, he sometimes woke up due to ending up on his stomach, which he doesn’t like, but has fallen straight back asleep after we roll him over and put the pacifier back in his mouth.

Last night, he slept from 8:15pm to 6:45am with only brief — literally seconds — wakings. That’s 10.5 hours!

Not only that, but he’s been waking up with happy babbles as he used to before that big streak of sicknesses/teething bouts. During the rough spell, he woke up crying from the discomfort of either the stuffed nose or painful gums.

WOW. He’s well-rested, he’s happy, he’s falling asleep so fast that I feel like someone is playing a prank on me. Tonight, he seemed happy, even relieved, when we finished up our sleep routine and I put him in his crib.

I love this kid so much that I think my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Seppo and I constantly marvel that we have the greatest kid on earth, half acknowledging that that’s how every parent feels, and half convinced that we must be right nonetheless.

And Dr. Ferber is awesome and those parents were not the evil things I thought in my head (and wrote down here). Thank you, Dr. Ferber!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

May 23, 2010   

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

May 16, 2010   
  • So exhausted, I could cry. Wait, too late. #
  • I can do tired & I can do sick. Both at once is much harder. Hopefully, sleep will fix one & my robust immune system will handle the other. #
  • Finally gave in and took some medicine. Will have to pump and dump but hopefully, this will go a long way towards improving things. #
  • Sick. Going to make some sous-vide eggs over rice for lunch. #
  • @SwanL Im gnashing my teeth at Angry Birds, thanks to you. Curses in reply to SwanL #
  • Day 1 of sickness: tired & cold. Day 2: congested, cold, and achy. Day 3: congested, cold, and really light-headed. #
  • @selfawaregames Short-term, I prefer We Rule as FarmVille hurts my eyes. Mid-term, something easy & mindless to fill gaps in day with (1/2) in reply to selfawaregames #
  • @selfawaregames built-in social obligations (if given a gift, compelled to return). Long-term, not sure. Sunk-cost fallacy! (2/2) in reply to selfawaregames #
  • @AngryChad Hilariously, independent of any knowledge of my cold, my mom told me yesterday that she's UPSing me a blanket. Wha? Psychic. in reply to AngryChad #
  • I'm about to scare the cold out of me with spicy rice cake. #
  • @FidelisImpetus Pablo Neruda is awesome. in reply to FidelisImpetus #
  • Baby keeps rolling over on to his belly in his sleep. I keep having to roll him back. #
  • @hja Cool! Our boy doesn't like it and can't flip back at will so it just frustrates him. in reply to hja #
  • @NBB1 73% deserve a wake-up slap. in reply to NBB1 #
  • I know this rage. Sing it, ladies! #
  • Day 4 a.k.a. last day, hopefully: yuzu tea, green tea, water, blanket, extra clothes. The more layers I wear, the more lesbionic I look. #
  • I wish there was Korean food delivery. #
  • @SwanL They are on the east coast, alas. in reply to SwanL #
  • @SwanL I'm going to blame the Man. Then I'm going to take it out on the next man I see, prob the mailman. Maybe he'll get take out for me. in reply to SwanL #
  • @mwilh I'd be paranoid it was lying to me all the time. in reply to mwilh #
  • Urg. Worked way too late. Off to bed. #
  • Little bro is coming out at the beginning of June. Who works somewhere cool that he can visit? Let me know! #
  • Suddenly starving. Hmm… #
  • @NBB1 Whoa, that's a ridiculously good deal. Limited time or always? in reply to NBB1 #
  • @abecedary Looking sharp! in reply to abecedary #
  • @MJ She's in a rush to get more milestones out of her way before her birthday. What a busy bee. ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to MJ #
  • About 1/4 of the loquots in my backyard are ripe. Someone *cough*@canida*cough* should come pick them. About to let baby taste one. #
  • @NBB1 Heh, yup, you caught my misspelling. They look similar to elongated, yellower apricots. in reply to NBB1 #

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Continuing to catch up

May 11, 2010   

It’s fruitless, I know, yet here I am. ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s see… I was up to March, I believe. Here are a couple of pics I left off from Feb.

On baby’s first Valentine’s Day, we went to our favorite Korean restaurant:


I love my two guys.

Rocking the baby to sleep for his nap, I realized that he looked both completely different yet totally alike his newborn self and took this pic (he’s 4 months, 1 week old here):


Reconstructing the events from my tweets and my flickr uploads, it looks like March is when the house exterior finished being painted.


Seppo, the baby, and I went back to Commis. Well, the baby “went back” in the sense that he had gone before when he was in the belly. He proved to be ok and the staff was immensely understanding of our need to keep running out of the restaurant to keep him happy and quiet. We went back the day after Seppo’s birthday while A babysat for us. Thank you so much!

The baby continued to wear ridiculous (and ridiculously cute) outfits and grow used to being on his stomach:


This next photo is notable for his blurry left arm. What that shows is how he flails and flops his arms and smacks himself in the thighs and belly when he’s excited. Seppo and I never fail to find amusement in copying him when this happens. Hee. Love you, baby.

Action shot

In April, I took him to the aquarium (in SF’s CA Academy of Sciences) for the first time:

First trip to aquarium

Unfortunately, we (two other moms and our respective kids) went on the Friday of apparently Spring Break for every kid in the bay area, and every parent had the same idea of bringing their kid to the aquarium. It was hard to fight through the crowds, so we left quickly and decided we’d come back another time. Baby had a good time looking around at the people, and managed to see some fish still. ๐Ÿ™‚

April also brought his first taste of food! ๐Ÿ˜€ Yay! The food adventure has been fun for the whole family, and I say that entirely without any sarcasm. There is something so joyful and rewarding about cooking food and seeing your kid lunging for it, mouth first. LOL.

His first taste of food

That first day, he didn’t really eat much or know what to do with the food in his mouth (I had made some really loose rice porridge), but the thing I really love about that blurry photo is how his hands look, reaching for the spoon. I love how goofy and uncoordinated his hands are (he’s better now, actually, than when the pic was taken), but how hard he tries, how much concentration you can see on his face as he reaches with his fingers bent out.

Here, you can see that he still usually grabs things with his thumb curled in. Right now, it’s about 60-40 thumb-in versus thumb-out.


Same sitting, looking extra tiny:

Did he enjoy his food?

He loves to take up the maximum space when he sleeps. I’ve actually woken up with him completely sideways, his toes pointing into my neck, and his hands reaching into Seppo’s neck.

He loves you thiiiiiiis much!

At 5.5 months (1 month ago), he was already wearing 9 month old clothing. This shot is just to show how long he is, but without anything to measure up against, it’s hard to see anything except his proportional longness:

5.5 months old, wearing 9 months clothing

Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa, for the cute space outfit!

Thanks to my company, we attended the SF Giant’s opening day at Pacbell park! Here he is with Lindsi:
baby at his first ballgames, with Lindsi imo

You can clearly see his two lower teeth, which he got back in February. I think he might be asleep in this pic:


Seppo shaved his head into a very wide mohawk:

At brunch.

Two of his most adorable pictures recently:

Baby yesterday, looking like a hipster monkey being eaten by the head by a green hippo:

Baby today looks like a wee monkey:

Something that I think started in April was this:

Such a sleepy baby!

Ever since he was tiny, he rubbed his eyes when he was sleepy, but now, his eye-rubbing has hit pro levels of rotating little fists. So adorable.

Nothing tastier than Daddy’s face:

Eating Dad's face

In the middle of April, we took a plane trip for the first time to attend my friend A’s wedding. Here are Seppo (in his lovely suit) and the baby (sans formalwear):


We went to the aquarium while we were out there:


At the Baltimore aquarium


We went to the Oakland Zoo for the second or third time and hung out with MJ and Amelia:

Oakland Zoo, children's area lawn

Happy baby at home:

Silly baby with either sweet potato or butternut squash all over his nose:

And now we are all sick. NICE. Hahah.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

May 9, 2010   
  • So awesome! RT @SwanL: I bet I could build an awesome Couch Fort! RT @GOODfeed Design Critiques of Couch Forts #
  • @AngryChad My green tea is in fact mostly green colored. in reply to AngryChad #
  • I checked in at Pamplemousse Patisserie et Cafe (2401 Broadway Street) on #Yelp #
  • @StephDecker @AngryChad Happy anniversary! in reply to StephDecker #
  • @SwanL I was couch-dancing to Can't Touch This last night. Oh, those pants… in reply to SwanL #
  • @SwanL Yeah, I don't get it. Also don't get why some of the faces were those who were specifically bad partners. in reply to SwanL #
  • @Ddrah Happy birthday to them both! Had no idea the days were so close together. in reply to Ddrah #
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo and Children's Day! Don't let your kids get too drunk. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • @Ryuhi Lol!!!! in reply to Ryuhi #
  • @SwanL Once when I was 15, I busted out the dance while walking down what I had thought was an empty street… only it wasn't. in reply to SwanL #
  • @SwanL Not at the time… But I did have the pants, which I frequently paired with a Rhythm Nation-style jacket and Debbie Gibson bangs. in reply to SwanL #
  • @SwanL I was caught up in several conflicting cultural paradigms. in reply to SwanL #
  • The only two people I know in AZ (@abeldanger and @SwanL) both mentioned Joe's BBQ tonight. I wonder if it was the same one. #
  • @eisfore I wish you worked for us. Heheh. in reply to eisfore #
  • Let's play We Rule on the iPhone! My gamername is 'ebeastie'. #
  • My head exploded! RT @TheLXD: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! LXD and Glee are hitting the road together! Come watch us live!!! #
  • Attended our first parent-teacher conference this morning. It was very nice. #
  • @StephDecker I realized shortly after tweeting that they aren't coming here either! :'( I am hoping they add new dates/venues. in reply to StephDecker #
  • @mwilh @NBB1 I was going to tweet about putting it off, but I put off tweeting and here we are. /meta in reply to mwilh #
  • Oh no. House problems again. Heart sinking. #
  • @bcaudill What @helava said. Bleh… Just got it fixed, too. in reply to bcaudill #
  • Feeling lightheaded and barfy from feeling suckerpunched. Hopefully, repairs won't be too expensive but the unexpectedness is getting to me. #
  • These prices are unreal. RT @citymama: European airfare drops up to 68%. Now is the time to plan your trips! #
  • @hja Happy birthday! #
  • @NBB1 He does this every 5-10 years though so it worries me. It's always an easy slide for him. in reply to NBB1 #
  • @veraciousjess Did you go to Jaguar Karaoke? Fin times! in reply to veraciousjess #
  • @NBB1 I kind of want to see the damage. I hope it cleans up & heals nicely. in reply to NBB1 #
  • What?! I just bought Taste of Joy BBQ gift certificates and just read on yelp they are closing. WHY?! #
  • Hmm. Nurseline recommended @helava go to an urgent care facility about his persistent headache. Worried, but glad we called. #
  • @SwanL A really low-grade one for two weeks, low enough that he often forgot about it, so we hadn't thought it was serious until (1/2) in reply to SwanL #
  • @SwanL stopping to think about how long it had been. He's off to urgent care now. It's nervewracking not to be with him. in reply to SwanL #
  • @NBB1 @helava Must you guys do *everything* together? Seriously, even the ER within minutes of each other? I'd laugh if I weren't worried. in reply to NBB1 #
  • @SwanL Me too. Plus not enough sleep and going through a cold all seem to point to a benign source. in reply to SwanL #
  • @NBB1 I always look. I can't help it. My own wounds don't freak me out though, just other people's. I hope yours gets good care! in reply to NBB1 #
  • @SwanL None of those symptoms, thank goodness. Any of those would have been alarming enough that I'd have taken him in myself, baby and all. in reply to SwanL #
  • @SwanL Thanks for the reassurance though. Good to get a professional's viewpoint. in reply to SwanL #
  • Glad at @helava is back from ER, armed with instructions and painkillers. Now, he's having "meat" & "potatoes". #
  • It can't be good to get so much sodium in one shot but oh well. #
  • @SwanL Indeed, a fun fact! in reply to SwanL #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

May 2, 2010   
  • I checked in at A Good Morning (4546 El Camino Real) on #Yelp #
  • Baby yesterday, looking like a hipster monkey being eaten by the head by a green hippo: #
  • Baby today looks like a wee monkey: #
  • Next week dinners: scallops & lemon/pea/mint orzo, grilled chicken & panzanella salad, steaks & tomato onion salad, sausage & rapini pasta. #
  • Oddball food juxtaposition: Acme walnut levain with Kerry Gold butter (so good so far) consumed with flat pineapple soda from back of fridge #
  • Finally, sleep time. #
  • I checked in at Amelia's Restaurant (2042 Broadway St) on #Yelp #
  • The scallops that @helava cooked tonight could not have been more perfect: gorgeously seared, tender, moist. Delicious. #
  • For @RobZograph RT @abrons: My sister Ellie is an architect, here's an article about a project she did in Detroit #
  • I checked in at Picรƒยกn (2295 Broadway) on #Yelp #
  • @NBB1 Since what year? in reply to NBB1 #
  • @NBB1 And you'd be correct. But I'm not sure the telegraph system was a part of the Internet, officially. in reply to NBB1 #
  • @kraziks2k Now it's fun times coming up with a name. ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to kraziks2k #
  • Enjoying homemade vanilla soda (vanilla bean + sugar + water + carbonating canister) with a sprig of mint picked from the front yard. #
  • I wasn't so hot on the songs on #Glee tonight, but it did manage to make me tear up. #
  • @hja That bad? ๐Ÿ™ in reply to hja #
  • Stop. Sleeptime. #
  • Crap. I had iced tea with lunch. Noooooooooooooo! #
  • Booked tix to San Diego for friend's wedding. Played the priceline lottery for hotel – got a great place for cheap but not the one I wanted. #
  • Now, to book a car… #
  • Too late, I realize I should have conferred with @hja about the trip down! Ah well… #
  • RT @birbigs: on letterman tonight. come for the beckham. stay for the birbiglia. #
  • Love the enthusiasm the baby showed for butternut squash! He was leaning into the spoon. To be fair, I think he thought it was sweet potato #

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