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November 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

November 14, 2010   
  • Power outage. Must be the rains and the lines down on Lakeshore. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

November 7, 2010   
  • Voted! #
  • @AngryChad Huh. I've definitely awarded you points from my end. in reply to AngryChad #
  • I'm officially punting #NaNoWriMo until December. Worked the first year I did it… #
  • I checked in at Ramen Dojo (805 South B Street) on #Yelp #
  • You'll end up with a different guy than the you are weeping over now and he is AWESOME! #tweetyour16yearoldself #
  • You'll still feel like a kid 20 years later, but you'll have more money and you won't have to ask permission. #tweetyour16yearoldself #
  • It gets better. Really. #itgetsbetter #tweetyour16yearoldself #
  • @AngryChad I'd recommend deleting then reinstalling. in reply to AngryChad #
  • @NBB1 I think on each round, everyone gets a turn to draw. in reply to NBB1 #
  • I hope you had two. 🙂 #
  • All 9 to 12 month old clothing should have kneepads built it. Baby's knees are so red! #
  • @NBB1 I think that just means the network is unreachable. Might want to stop the app then restart it to force a fresh connection. in reply to NBB1 #
  • We just got a game that @bcaudill MUST come over to play. Dance Central using motion detection on Kinect for the xbox360. OMGAWESOME! #
  • Losing my voice for the second time in four months. Huh. #
  • RT @BreakingNews: MSNBC anchor Olbermann suspended indefinitely wo pay for political contributions to 3 Democrats #
  • @bcaudill No, but @helava and I looked like total buffoons while having a great time! I could only look that stupid among friends. in reply to bcaudill #
  • This cold has me ridiculously drowsy, which is difficult to deal with, as *I* am the adult and the baby is the baby. :p Maybe he'll swap. 🙂 #
  • On a happy note, has launched! Go! Go play now! Plant & fight in your neighborhood before someone else takes over your area. #
  • @helava Thinking we should qr code the screencaps. in reply to helava #
  • Ordered food to go from Lin Jia Asian Kitchen, which opened yesterday where L'Amyx used to be. Will report back later tonight. #
  • Read that Flip Side (which is replacing Adam's Burgers) is going to be a gourmet burger joint w meat ground on site w front outdoor seating. #
  • Also, Flip Side is owned by the same people as Flavors of India, which bodes well for high quality, delicious food potential. Can't wait! #
  • @AngryChad Don't know if @helava has mentioned it but we have to figure out safe transport before sending the present to you & @StephDecker. in reply to AngryChad #
  • @AngryChad Soon though! in reply to AngryChad #
  • Our neighbor gave us these delicious, tiny apples. Guess who loves to eat them with cheese? Now he just needs to add prosciutto to the mix. #
  • Caught in the act, eating an apple on his own: #
  • As soon as the baby falls asleep, I'm gonna nyquil myself up and hit the sack. #
  • @alforque Having worked on calendaring software for over 6 years, daylight savings change is nontrivial, esp when the date keeps changing. in reply to alforque #
  • @NBB1 "You don't have to kiss another dude, but it's their business if other people do. And grow up." in reply to NBB1 #
  • @NBB1 "I bet you said the same thing the first time you found out about hetero sex." in reply to NBB1 #
  • @NBB1 I love the replays. So easy to forget it is recording you! Ha! in reply to NBB1 #

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