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February 2011

Ok, I’m watching American Idol again…

February 25, 2011   

For the first time since season 6, solely because of this dude:

I’m TOTALLY going to be voting for him. Casey Abrams FTW!

ETA: One more!

This blogging thing

February 25, 2011   

I’ve been blogging on and off forever, and it’s mostly been off for the last year. It’s hard to find time to write, and it’s harder to prioritize writing over the million other things I need/want to get to in the day when I have a minute.

But when I go back through the last few posts, I know the value my posts have to me, because it reminds me of the little details that I’ve forgotten about my baby, about me, and about our family life together.

He’s 16 months old! That’s ridiculous! This week last year, we put him in daycare for the first time. It was a harrowing experience: I didn’t want to be apart from him and he didn’t want to take the bottle while at daycare. It was devastating to leave him behind.

With the benefit of a year’s experience in daycare, however, it is clear that he gets a lot out of being there. He gets to be around a bunch of children his age, some older, some younger, learning social skills and group dynamics. He is stimulated in different ways at daycare than he is at home, with a different kind of structure to the day, and both are a benefit to him. Frankly, he loves it there. He loves us, his parents, more than anything else in the world, but he also loves being at daycare with many people who care for him.

Randomly, I have a picture from last year today, with him all cuddled up and napping across my belly:

This is him two weeks ago at Children’s Fairyland:
Children's fairyland is adorable!

Doesn’t he look like a tiny farmer? Hee!

Another recent photo:

Here’s one of me & my friend Linda whom I just saw yesterday!

Why are my eyes so cursed tiny???!

Uh, here is the end of my incoherent post.