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June 8, 2009   

Paraphrasing my boss: “A couple of us have noticed that you are getting pretty freaking ginormous!”


Hahahahahah! It’s true! I can still see my feet, but it won’t be long before I can’t.

I am starting to work from home two days a week. SCORE!

My first random comment!

May 5, 2009   

We were in Chicago last weekend to attend a wedding and meet up with some internet friends. It was a great time! But I digress. We were walking down the street, on the way to see the Bean, when a bunch of guys passed us. I overheard one say, “Dude, I think she’s preggers!” I was caught so off-guard that I reflexively responded, “I am!”

When I think about that guy’s comment, I think it must have been in response to someone else’s comment to him about “that girl with the huge gut” or something like that. Hee!

While I was slightly offended at the time, about 5 seconds later, I was highly entertained. 🙂