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Visiting Family

February 5, 2009   

My husband and I have been visiting family in an undisclosed suburban location for the last several days. The trip is from Saturday to Saturday.

My stomach had intense cramps the first few days, which made me wonder if something was going wrong with the pregnancy, then the cramps more or less stopped, which made is wonder (again) if something was going wrong with the pregnancy. Ha! Can’t win! 😀 I think it’s actually going ok though.

I feel constantly hungry. I’m embarrassingly gassy. I think it’s a combo of the pregnancy plus the daikon kimchi (white/not spicy) I’ve been eating. That stuff is potent for gaseous activity.

My mom, as expected, has dropped a couple of comments here and there about having a kid. She wrote me a letter, which was so sweet that I cried, which said stuff about how proud she was of me and incidentally *cough* mentioned that she’d like to see us welcome a little one into our family this year. It is hard to lie to the family, but I am determined to keep things under wraps until later. My sister is picking up sashimi tonight for dinner, so I’ll have to somehow figure out how to get out of eating it without attracting attention. Heh.

It’s been a fairly good visit so far. We’ve fixed the cable modem issue (with money) and have played with the kids and tried to entertain the little bro. We’ve gotten small gifts for the kids and had some tasty frozen yogurt.

My husband brought his book about expectant fathers, and I brought a Jenny McCarthy memoir about her pregnancy, which I’ve blasted through already.