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July 2005

stop following me

July 7, 2005   

I got tailgated in 70-80 mph traffic for about 15-17 miles on my way in to work yesterday. He was so close I could only see about 2/3-3/4 of his hood the entire time, otherwise I would have gotten his license plate number. If I changed lanes, he changed lanes. If I sped up, he sped up. If I slowed down, well, he had to slow down because he wouldn’t budge from his position behind me. It was annoying, then funny, then really damn scary. I was worried he was gonna follow me to work, but he got off the freeway a few exits before me.

This was because he was driving so close and aggressively behind me when we were getting on the lead up to the on-ramp that I gave him a tiny brakeage, while we were going maybe 20 mph. So he tailgated me even more aggressively as we were getting on the freeway, and I let him pass me to get ahead. I gave him a good-bye flip-off. I guess that’s when he decided he would get behind me and tailgate me as far as he could. I don’t know: I gave him the finger and he decides to explicitly threaten my life with his reckless driving, as well as implicitly threaten me by appearing to follow me to my destination. I am so angry that he was able to make me feel as afraid as I was. The worst thing about the situation is that from the start, he was the one driving recklessly and I was the one driving sanely. And he felt like it was his right to get so pissed off as to chase me about. What the hell. I wish I could kick him in the balls, that jerk off.

ETA: I also forgot to say that he put his highbeams on the entire time after he got behind me. If it were night, this would have been pretty bad, but luckily in the daylight, it barely made a difference in my vision.

On a completely separate note, I was thinking that I need something like but for my subscribed rss feeds. A lot of the political blogs I read cover the same general topic, so it would be nice if something could collect similar entries and group them together from across different blogs.