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February 2006

Merritt Bakery is open!

February 7, 2006   

Joe told me that Steve told him that Merritt Bakery was open last Saturday, a mere two days after the fire closed it down. And today, I read an article that confirmed it! Yay!

Mmmmm… waffles…

picking away

February 7, 2006   

I pick at my cuticles and hangnails. In my sleep, I also pull out my hair & eyebrows, and pick at any facial blemishes I might have. I have no idea why. At work, I pick at my chapped lips. I am coming apart at the seams. Any “frayed ends” I have physically gets subconsciously picked at until bad things happen. I have a weird 3-mm wide red mark on my cheek right now from this very thing.

Anyway, I have to stop so that I stop looking like I’ve put my face (and fingers) to a grater. My “Vanilla Ice”-esque patchy left eyebrow has slowly been filling in over time.

I have some random nonsensical observation where I compare stereotypes and prejudice to probability & statistics and people’s misconceptions of how p&s works (“But that should have come up ____” *after* the fact when the outcome clearly show a non-probable but actual result), but I haven’t fleshed it out enough to really talk about it.

I got an invite to coComment which, according to them, “will enable you to efficiently track your comments comments and conversations with others across the blogosphere”. This is great! There has been a lot of buzz in the 3 days since its beta program opened up. I’m really excited about it. However, there is a bug in the system right now which is keeping it from working for me.

Well, hopefully, it will work soon and I’ll be able to watch all my comments on various blogs as “conversation” in the style of gmail. It can also be included as a part of my blog, so that others can see it. There is also an RSS feed. Neat ideas! I just want to see them executed. The product seems to work for many other people though. Hrm.

ETA: It’s working! Wonderful! If anyone wants an invite, just sign up for their “Get Notified” list and they will send you an invite pretty much within a half day.