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June 2009

100 Days of Solitude

June 27, 2009   

I looked at our pregnancy progress tracker program this morning, only to find that we have 100 days left until our estimated due date.

Koreans celebrate the 100th day after birth. How different our lives are today from how it will be on the flip side of the axis.

Another floor pic!

June 24, 2009   

Originally uploaded by eingy.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Hawaii, here we come!

June 23, 2009   

We don’t have any solid plans yet, but we got clearance for vacation time off the third week of August for one last trip for just the two of us, before the baby comes. We are figuring out which island to go to.


The car decision is still in progress. We may go get it this weekend, I think. Very exciting.

Our floor

June 17, 2009   

The Pledge is for the table, so do not panic that you’ll slip to your death on our floors. 😀

Not much new going on

June 17, 2009   

Let’s see… the last week has been fairly uneventful. The baby is kicking fairly regularly which is really nice because it reassures me that things are progressing normally in there. Oh, last week, we had to sleep downstairs because the upstairs floors were getting repaired/refinished. I slept on the couch, which actually improved my backaches. I slept with my back flush against the seatback of the couch, which gave it good support. The slightly sagging couch seat provided good support for my side since I was instructed to sleep on my left side if possible.

I’ve had low-grade heartburn for the last week or so, which gets worse when I’m lying down, but it’s nothing compared to the first semester. Last night, I had to take a dose of antacid, but it wasn’t so bad after that.

I suppose we need to figure out a name and think of what crucial items we need. I don’t want to get too much stuff just from the excitement. 🙂 It’s better to buy slowly and save the money for taking time off or for a future education fund.

Floor and random thoughts

June 10, 2009   

The floor guys arrived this morning. We won’t be able to go anywhere in the upstairs floor until Saturday! :O I am so excited to go home today and see what they’ve done.

On a completely unrelated note, I was looking through my archives from April 2006 to look up something about our wedding, when I noticed my notes from our honeymoon. I really want to finish writing up my honeymoon report. I also want to write up a real Tulum report too. I had kept a little notebook for the trip, so I have all sorts of tiny bits of memories jotted down. I will have to do it before the baby arrives.

I had forgotten how much I loved the National Gallery and British Museum.

More awesomeness

June 10, 2009   

I already mentioned that people are awesome, and they continue to be awesome. We’ve received an adorable bath set from our friends J, R, and A in Arizona, and the diaper shipment from our friends S & V in Connecticut has arrived!

The grand-parents-to-be on the husband’s side have sent over cute pictures of the husband and promised to send over nice pics of them that we can frame and hang up on the wall for the kiddo to see everyday when they are not visiting. I need to ask my family for the same. They also seem to have gone shopping for the kid. 🙂 Please, if you are reading this, don’t buy too much!

My family is going to send over some hand-me-downs, as is my best friend’s older sister, who had a son in January. Our friends H & S said we can borrow their awesome infant carseat when their son outgrows it, just in time for our baby’s ETA!

Just as when we got married, we are so surrounded by a supportive community of family and friends, who help us in both tangible and intangible ways, with hardware we can use for the baby and with emotional support when we are worried, and some even with some muscle-power to move heavy things like the filing cabinet (thanks S!).

Was I stressed last week? Yeah. But after talking with Seppo, seeing the house take shape, and signing up for one of the three classes we plan to take, I feel a sense of ease and well-being this week.

Reflections on time passing too quickly

June 10, 2009   

Yesterday, as I was sorting through a bunch of old things we had in our giant filing cabinet, I found a bunch of pictures of me with my little brother (now 15) from when he was an infant.

Just like any parent might tell you, I remember the day when those pics were taken like it was yesterday! I remember him being tiny and helpless and gurgling, just barely struggling to move his hands and his bobbly head around. I remember him laughing when I made funny faces. I remember his delight when he pushed something through a hole cut in a box for the first time! I remember him crawling and learning to walk.

And now, he’s 15. I remember when he first stopped running to me for hugs when I visited him at home w/ my parents! And when he wanted me to stop holding his teeny hand out in public.

Man, now that we are expecting a child of our own, I am so excited about going through all the small and big milestones with our son, but also pre-sad about when he doesn’t want to be cuddled anymore, when he’ll be too big to think Mommy and Daddy are the best in the world! :'(

The little bro is coming to visit for a month starting this Saturday. We’ll make him help move our furniture around (it was all shuffled in order to get our floors fixed, which is starting today!) and finish up the painting. Hehehehe. Here comes free labor! Maybe I can make him wash the car too.

The Arrival of the Little Bro

June 8, 2009   

Beware! Run for cover! The little brother unit hits town on Saturday. Dun dun dun!


June 8, 2009   

Paraphrasing my boss: “A couple of us have noticed that you are getting pretty freaking ginormous!”


Hahahahahah! It’s true! I can still see my feet, but it won’t be long before I can’t.

I am starting to work from home two days a week. SCORE!