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Overheard in New York

July 12, 2005   

Once upon a time, some anonymous bastard listed websites he likes to read. I got a bunch of other websites from him, but I only recently started subscribing to Overheard in New York via bloglines, it having come up in my list of recommendations.

This is some seriously hysterical shizznit.

HS girl #1: I have a question. No. She gotta question, but she makin’ me ask you for her because she embarrassed. What’s “drag school”? Thas where you go to learn howda be a drag queen?

Teacher guy: What? Drag school?

HS girl #2: Yeah, you said you was leavin’ us because you gotta go to drag school.

Teacher guy: Grad school. I am leaving you because I am going to grad school.

–Prospect Park BBQ

Guy #1: That’s a cute dog.

Guy #2: Thanks, she’s my daughter.

Guy #1: …How is that possible?

Guy #2: Yeah, that’s right: I gave birth to her, she came out of my vagina.

Comedy gold.

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