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August 25, 2005   

Since I moved to subcription-based web-reading (rather than websurfing), I haven’t visited Amazon in a long time. In fact, I only ever hit Amazon anymore when I click on a direct product link from someone else’s website. Odd. I give you the New Math:

(money spent on Amazon) = k/(useage level of rss aggregator)


My hair looks great today. Yesterday, it looked about as pleasant as Mobi’s ass.

I’ve been drinking coffee too often lately.

I still can’t figure out the toy on my desk. It’s one of those metal loopy things where you have to separate the two pieces that are linked together. I have done it before in the past, but I just can’t seem to get it now. It’s a sign of my mental deterioration.

I once thought Precious Moments figurines were cute. Then I realized that they were pretty gross with the constant depictions of child brides and grooms and, was appropriately horrified. Pedophiles! 😀

There are so many people staying late at work today that they ordered $400+ worth of food from

I signed up for a 15-minute massage at my desk for next week. It is $10 (the company pays another $10 on my behalf). I’m pretty psyched for it.

My eyes are drooping with sleepiness. My eyes are also so small that if I look even slightly downward (as I would when I read or type on my laptop), people think I’ve fallen asleep at my desk/seat. I weep. Actually, when I weep, people also mistake me for being asleep.

Angry Chad
August 26, 2005 at 7:18 am

When I worked at AST, a company subsidized masseuse would come in every Thursday. I think it was $15 for a half hour, and what a half hour it was. I can only describe the feeling afterward as somewhere in between a really good workout and having the crap kicked out of me. I felt pretty good the next day though.

September 2, 2005 at 7:01 am

My old company used to do that, only it was 15 minutes for $8, and you went to a small conference room where the masseuse had one of those massage chair things set up. That chair made all the difference. And I bet you’ll find (you found, I’m so behind) that all your tension is in your upper shoulders. Damn desk jobs.

September 2, 2005 at 7:04 am

I’ve found that same Amazon/rss effect.

I detoxed from coffee while in Mexico. I would like to keep it that way, and switch to tea exclusively.

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