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May 2006

Godfather Dopplegangers

May 22, 2006   

We watched Godfather last night. I had seen it before about 10 years ago and I recall it being incredible. Luckily, I had forgotten enough of it that it felt like watching it for the first time again. It was great.

The level of acting talent involved with the movie was incredible. However, sometimes it was distracting because I kept thinking of more contemporary/younger/random other actors & actresses that resembled the actors/actresses in the movie.

Disclaimer: These are not original comparisons and I know that people have made them countless times in the past (with one notable exception).

For example, seeing Al Pacino at that age reminded me of Andy Garcia. Of course, it’s really that Andy Garcia reminds me of Al Pacino, but you get the idea that I kept thinking of the wrong people as I was watching it. The woman who played Connie (the Corleon daughter whose wedding is taking place at the beginning of the movie) reminds me of Annabella Sciorra. The one that Seppo felt was insane was my thinking that Robert Duvall‘s character reminded me of a taller Peter MacNicol‘s John Cage. Heh. There were more, but they were less interesting. *cough*

Now that I have mentioned movies and dopplegangers in the same breath, I have virtually guaranteed that A_B will comment on this, possibly on the fact I’m comparing these great actors with lesser actors. *waits* 😀

For the record, there is no real comparison to be made, acting-skill-wise. These people were incredible.