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July 2005

luncha muncha

July 18, 2005   

The last few weeks, on days when I can’t pack a lunch, I’ve been hitting the grocery store near Seppo’s work before heading down to my work. I’ve been picking up supplies for salads, sandwiches, fruit, soup, and the occasional microwave meal. It’s so much better than the food I can buy for lunch, and I can eat how much I want (or don’t want) without worrying that I am wasting food. And it’s much cheaper. And frankly, much tastier. It’s one of the best things I’m doing for myself on a daily basis.

Now if only I could get into the habit of exercising. I am going to try the tips in the article Installing a new habit and breaking an old one. It sounds reasonable.

strike one

July 18, 2005   

We went to Lakeside Park this Sunday. It’s astounding how much stuff there was to do there, most of which we didn’t know anything about. Some features of the Lakeside Park:

  • Bonsai Garden
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • Sailboat house (and general boat rental)
  • Garden Center
  • Children’s Fairlyland
  • Junior Arts & Sciences Center
  • Lawn Bowling Greens (complete with seniors in white hats!)
  • Rotary Nature Center

We sat on the grass by the rotunda, where a band (brass & woodwind? I’m not sure. Seppo will correct me) played for a mellow crowd of Sunday parkgoers. Children rode by on tricycles and sat in trees. The ice cream vendors were out in full force. Families fed birds and sat on picnic blankets. It was a wonderful day.

We dropped by the Sailboat House and thought it would be a nice place to get married or have our reception. We called this morning and found that they were going to be renovating the building when we planned to get married. Oh well. I tried not to get my hopes up because I knew we were starting late to try to book a place, and I knew that this was just the first place we called, but it was a little sad. Oh well. There are other places. 🙂